Everyone’s getting married recently. The sudden increase in couples, in their early 20’s, getting hitched, has left those of us that are single sometimes questioning why we haven’t walked down the aisle yet, or even more so, why we are not even close to that lifetime achievement.

I was always told to never measure my progress via somebody else’s. You know what I mean, “we’re both 27 but he earns 10k more than me, owns his own property whilst I’m still renting, etc.” An individual’s progress can only commence at a rate suited to them.

What I’ve observed from those in my age group is that we no longer chase what we personally want but whatever society tells us that we want. Society tells us that in order to really enjoy the fruit of life we need to have a substantial amount of money and popularity. But as of more recently we are being told to chase relationships. Celebrity gossip has a high concentration of relationship news, who’s with who, who’s unfaithful, who’s getting married, who’s having children etc.

It’s funny because old fashioned values have faded over time. Marriage was important. It was deemed vital before having any children or even before having your first sexual experience. The sanctity of marriage has deteriorated but yet people still feel the need to marry. I say that the sanctity of marriage has deteriorated because divorce has become both more common and overused. So why?


Parents and family not allowing their children to become “westernised” whether that results in pressured or even arranged marriage. Attempting to keep cultural values alive can be proven difficult in this day and age where we can no longer blind and shelter our children thanks to social media.

Young love

Love. Wanting to actually be with that person for the rest of your life. 

Peer pressure 

Everyone else is doing it. Imagine being the only friend who can’t land a partner whilst everyone else has already begun their journey in family life. This may seem unbelievable but I’ve heard associates say “I’m getting married in two years” but yet they have no partner. So I ask how? I am then told that they don’t know who it is as of yet but they will let the person know when they start seeing them of their intentions to prevent time wasters and to urge the idea into the potential partners head.


I know many females like this and I believe that there are many males that could accompany them in this category. Those who have been through too much hardship and feel that they deserve to be loved as much as anyone else. So they find that person who loves them but the feelings are not reciprocated. But what is love when you’ve found someone who makes life so much easier? Someone who is willing to do anything that you ask?


Self explanatory.

Shotgun wedding

Shit! She’s up the duff! We have exactly 9 months to get married!

After writing this post I don’t feel like I am missing out on anything if it is not for love. If I have not found that person yet than that’s ok. I refuse to force it because I feel as though I am not doing what the masses are doing. It is not only love people are marrying for but that is the only reason I want to marry.. So I’ll wait.. And wait.. And forever wait.

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