Mitch; 2.1
informal A man who has female tendencies

What is in the water? No seriously? Men are fully embracing their feminine side. The phrase “no homo” isn’t even used anymore to hide these female traits.

I try to talk to my female friends. Make sure that they are aware of the change, that they understand that men love chat, too chat kmt, just as much as the mean girls did in school. There are so many women that I converse with and are unaware of just how much of their private life I know, and this is the result of them messing with a MITCH.  

As much as I love my male homies most of them can gossip, not only gossip but are interested and intrigued by the gossip. In fact I even have male friends who have tried to negotiate with me so that they can receive an exchange of information for what they are telling me.  

All jokes aside my theory is that if he doesn’t respect you there’s a 90% chance that all his friends know about you and anything you have confided to him about. A low level of respect now means that men are allowed to behave like females.

I think there’s a level of immaturity which is attached to the stigma also. Anyone who manages to enter my care circle, which is small, I will never chat their life story. Not even if we fall out, I’m not that person. This is because I think it is very childish to throw someone under the bus because you don’t like them or do not deem them respectable. What do I gain but people perceiving me as untrustworthy.  

Thanks to the new baby soft version of testosterone I can tell you who a lot of females have slept with, who dealt with them bad, about the environment they were born and raised in, who trapped a man, who cheated on their man, the list is endless.

I believe artists like Birdman and Young Thug are assisting with this new trend. Making it socially acceptable to be feminine. If a male wants to have female tendencies then by all means do so but you cannot then deny these tendencies. Painted nails, questionable song lyrics, but the most intimidating bad man is singing along with them in the most thuggish way possible. Skinny jeans, facial piercings, daily selfies, taking half naked pics and having long hair was once seen to be feminine or things which females tend to indulge in, now these things are the in ting.  

I don’t know where I’m going with this because to be honest, I’m trying to avoid the blurred line between feminine traits and being gay. Not every gay man is feminine, and not every man showing feminine traits is gay or are they?!  

Each to their own I just pray that my future man be masculine, if I wanted a woman I would date one.

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