Her face set like stone. Stern. No emotion. Her heart out of rhythm. Beneath the skin her blood, in a panicked flush, rushed to escape the flesh threshold. She couldn’t expose her being unnerved. Had to pretend as though what she had just heard was of no interest to her.

Although she had mastered the bluffing facial expression she couldn’t shake the feeling of being caught out. Caught in a lie. Caught by herself, had she not lied there would be nothing to sweat over. Her palms humid and clammy.

Her mind was telling her that everyone knew. Anyone who was anyone was now conversing about her inability to speak the truth. They were judging her. They were discussing their common dislike for her. Scorning her attention seeking attributes. The irony was that she’d told this twisted version of events to avoid exactly this. Becoming the outcast.

She knew where she had gone wrong but it did not stop her from trying to justify those wrongs. She battled herself, bit back against the truth, she didn’t want it to roll off of her tongue subconsciously. Began repeating the lie in her mind over and over again so that she could convince herself that it was the new truth.

She looked him in the eyes, tried to deter her pupils from becoming unsteady or looking away as she remembered being told that this could be perceived as a sign of the untruth.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she said the few words with so much strength and confidence she shocked herself, “honestly.”

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