Twerk To Make It

They said all I have to do is twerk to make it

Take some underwear selfies in order to fake it

That seducing video vixen lifestyle 

Pretty, sexy, shapely equals perfect

That, all I’ve got is my body & looks lifestyle 

Sex sells so selling my intimacy I must accept

What is education and knowledge

When I possess Mac and an ass

What was the use of uni and college

Intelligence always comes last

The problem is, in order for me to cater to society’s wants and needs I lose myself.

Once society moulds you, who are you living for if you are nothing but their prototype?

Slaves to the gram. Unemployed Instagram God 😂, from 9-5, crucial selfie time. Is this me?

Answering every Tom, Dick & Harry who comments “you’re too sexy” because you’ve got to keep the ‘fans’ happy. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love a bit of sexy but a bit of sexy which keeps me dignified. Babes we know you’re desperate to be reassured by an in flux of likes and followers. Yes these guys will entertain you, due to the preview you’ve already given, who would pass up an opportunity to try before you buy? By buy I refer to whatever dating activity he now has skipped, benefiting his wallet, as he knows exactly what you have to offer, he no longer needs to negotiate and show how much work he’s willing to put in. All too easy.

“There’s more to me”, bish where? What video vixen or glamour model do you know who is popular for her qualifications, her intelligence, her substance or her personality? I’ll wait… You’ve already set the height of the bar when you chose your method of entry into people’s hearts, better yet into their fantasies.

Sometimes I battle myself. What is my goal, do I want the whole world to know me or nah? Is Kim Ks rate of success something to envy or feel pity for? Can you change the worlds view of you once you use sex to gain their views?

I don’t frown upon sex, I think my generation has now become desensitised to the act. I’m not a Granny. I just think the more mystery behind the first encounter the more captivating. In fact wanting to have sex because you are intellectually attracted seems more appealing than sex because I lusted after your body. Sex as a result of lust I would assume to be a temporary fulfilment. Once you’ve done the act there’s nothing else to do, you’ve gotten exactly what you’ve wanted. If done after your mind has been stimulated, after the act I would assume the thirst for more would exist. There’s no end to mind stimulation.

A pattern I’ve realised, and I don’t even consider my images to be raunchy, is there is a complete different response from the males who converse and compliment me about my writing in comparison to those who compliment my pictures. There is substance in the conversations about my writing, there’s interest, there’s thoughts processing, if I’m lucky he will even give his own opinion leading to a debate. Females that’s stimulation. 😍. How do you intelligently respond to “you’re peng you got whatsapp”, or “you’re sexy check your DMs”? 😒.

Don’t let society determine that your idea of success is being popular on social networking, with no income, and the hopes that a modelling agency will pick you up or some clothing brand or hair weave will sponsor you to take a picture in their shit. Kim is not a role model. Yeah, sex sells but my soul goes with that transaction. Dead!


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