Happy Earthday Randy Valentine 

It’s been way too long since I wrote a piece on one of the most talented, wise, humble and down to earth, artist that I’ve ever known. Randy Valentine. I have been fortunate enough to watch his musical journey, not just from the outside but behind the scenes too.

I remember the responses years ago when recommending his first mixtape, bring back the love in 2013 (will always be my favourite, maybe because it marked the beginning of a movement). I became a pusher, honestly, I was burning copies of the CD and handing them out at any chance I got. Randy Valentine? That sounds like a pornstar name 😂. Now his name is international. Who would have thought it? I did.

Just recently I was blessed with the opportunity to attend a weekend long festival in Germany, Pfullendorf City, which Randy Valentine was headlining. I had never been to Germany before so I was more than excited for the invite plus any chance to support Randy is a blessing. I arrived on what was coincidentally the hottest day in Germany for the past 7 years if I remember correctly. The perfect welcoming. I was gifted my all access and VIP pass, at this point my head was swelling, I felt as though I was the artist these people had gathered for. Became nervous as I was becoming apprehensive about performing. Pause. Back to reality Ms Lissa.

 That weekend turned out to be one of the best I have ever experienced. I felt comfortable in the middle of these bushes beyond some farms, where the festival had been set up. I felt at home and this was due to the team and friends and family who also attended. Randy has built a solid foundation, surrounds himself with those who truly love him and care about him and I think this contributes to his being so grounded.

I was calm as I watched Mr Vegas perform backstage. It’s strange, the excitement did not build for me when he entered the stage. As it was Randy’s turn knots began to tie in my stomach, I had what felt like heart palpitations. I began filming (hopefully WordPress will allow me to upload). Once he was on stage I ran my little drunken legs over to the crowd and firmly set my spot at the front. I felt adrenalin. As an artist Randy Valentine excites me. There has never been a performance I’ve watched of his and walked away disappointed, not saying any names like; Drake. Could have been a one off I don’t know but I’m not gambling any more money to find out.

 Nowadays music sounds the same to me and a recipe of a sick beat and some repetitive lyrics; 🎶 I’m in love with the coco, makes number one. There’s no substance in music anymore, no depth. You have artists like Cheryl Cole, who when asked about the meaning of her lyrics, explains that she does not write her music and she believes that sometimes the lyrics she sings have no particular meaning. They’re not made to make sense. Pause.

Then you have Randy who is a songwriter/singer/producer among other crafts, who tells a story within every song. Documenting his life lessons, sharing wisdom,etc. it’s refreshing to see that there are still some out there who want the old school feel of music to prosper. Live. No miming. Heartfelt. Passionate. I believe that it is easier to demonstrate passion when you are expressing your own thoughts in comparison to expressing someone else’s. I think it brings another dimension to the music, allows us to gain more of a relationship with the artist as they are letting us into their lives.

I’m ecstatic that Randy has announced that he is now working on a new mixtape. After being in the studio with him the other day I cannot wait to see the finished product. I have never seen someone record in one take and this is not due to a lack of studio appearance. My ex was a producer who had set up a mini studio in our flat so I was present in what sometimes seemed like too much studio time. I am grateful for it as it has made me appreciate Randy’s artistry so much more. He is a professional. He listens to a beat, the words seem to just manifest and it one take his laid down the lyrics. Then he plays with the harmonies laying down about 6 clips back to back, whilst recording this himself and cutting and editing the tracks.

These kind of artists are scarce and I’m proud to be in the presence of one. Continue to use your gift Randy Valentine. Speak on the politics the world has been hushed about. Awake the generation who stay slaving due to ignorance.

And happy earth day. Today we celebrate you. Fulljoy.

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