Facing Your Flaws


Big nose
Odd hairline (widows peak)
Wide forehead
Non symmetrical jaw
Deep voice
Love handles
Bent finger
Harsh with the tongue
Doesn’t think before speech

I began writing this as I was convinced that I embrace my flaws.  As I began writing the list I had more to add than I thought and yet I still smiled as they began forming. 

They seem like nothing but words as I pen them down and I think this assists in my never being victim, to someone who decides to weigh in on my flaws.  I know what society deems to be the opposite of perfect, why I refuse to be affected is because I don’t believe that I am society.  I don’t believe that I think or believe in what society believes in.

These flaws should not be defined by society.  “You’re ugly because you have a big nose, you’re a bitch because you do not think before you speak..”  They’re mine which means only I can define them.  When I wake up in the morning I do not believe that I am ugly or a bad person so how can another force their opinion on myself.

You cannot tell me anything about myself which I do not already know there will be a lack of a response from me.  I’m comfortable in the skin I am in and if you dislike it that’s nice for you.  But I’m OK with who I am, I’m happy with who I am.  Continue focusing on my flaws as it may distract you from yours *shrugs*.


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