It’s funny because love plagues u Yet u so desperately seek it

U feel as though it is non existent.. Yet

And try to force water to leak from stone

He may have admitted he feels nothing

But u are enough to change anyone’s mind

And rightly so

Just not this particular one
It’s funny u love so hard

You place an emphasis on passion

Use energy, make an effort attempting to save a potential which never was

Yet u can’t channel this passion, the energy and effort u put in

Into urself

Searching so hard for what is inside of u

In the wrong place

Just subsequently wasting time
It’s funny u spend so much time

Investing positive energy

Only to get negative back

Try to be optimistic

Although his tone has been pessimistic

Prioritised and focused on that love dream  

Having someone want u for u

Having someone accept u for u

Having someone genuinely care
Because socially ur a fake

Putting up a pretence to appeal to ur dream

Anything to make the fans love u

No one knows the real u in order to embrace u

No one knows that deep down u r insecure

And No one knows that u are unlovable

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