Ms Lissa’s Rant

I’ve recently been finding topics to rant about and have been draining my snapchat viewers with multiple 10 sec clips expressing just that (my snapchat is ms_liss).  God knows how many seconds I spent, two days ago, shouting about the manor in which males approach females, resulting in us females feeling obliged to share our personal details. (I really wish I had saved the videos.)

 I spoke about how my male friends are ignorant and will tell me off for “entertaining” these red blooded males if I am not interested.  I then have to become a story teller and explain why I am afraid to show any kind of attitude or rudeness when being approached by a stranger.  Explain that I was slightly traumatised in my teen years when I witnessed a girl get kicked down the 198 bus stairs, as a response to her not giving her number to the attacker.  As he built up the power, bent his knee upwards, for the ultimate kick, he aggressively remarked “you think you’re too nice.”

I think that statement in itself is arrogant.  For someone to say that to me they believe they are better than the treatment they have been given, an example being that you have rejected them.  Does that not mean that they themselves ‘think they’re too nice’.  For you to believe every female should hand over their digits is Kanye level arrogance.  This does not mean I am excusing the females who use a guy approaching them in order to take out all the frustrations and past pains.  Or for those who crave the attention just to stroke their ego even if they have no attentions of getting to know the guy.

As a result of my testimony, viewers and friends step forward to tell of the stories they had heard or witnessed.  A young female hit in West croydon due to her not wanting to list her 11 digits.  A young female bottled, you heard me, with the bottle she was holding,  due to her not wanting to list her 11 digits.  I’m sorry that last one bothers me. My hard earned cash paid for my juice plus/including the packaging it comes in.  Do not take my possession  and hit me with it, it’s as bad as slapping me in my face with my own money.  All in all the testerone levels on road have caused females to beome string-a-longs!  Guys this is your fault.

We are now scared to say no.  Can you imagine?

Before I leave you guys to rethink your aggressive approach…

I’ve got a man.. I wasn’t talking about your man though I was talking about you and me

I’ve just come out of a long term relationship.. he weren’t treating you right that’s my job now

I’m a pregnant lesbian, I’ve broken the mould there’s nothing you can do with me.. thats kool we can be friends just give me your number

I had another topic to very briefly vent about.  This new trend where guys and dolls want to be posing with wads of money to their ear as if they are talking to it.


Specifically for the guys, the ones who refuse to perform oral sex on females for hygienic reasons, yes I’m sending.  Umm are you aware money is one of the most filthiest, bacteria carrying, germ ridden materials around?  Do you know how many hands those papers have passed through.  Druggies, the homeless, the government, the shops, the floors, the bums it may have been plugged up…  Think about it logically, how can you deem what I have just described as safe enough to put your face on, but you will not lick a fanny.  I apologise for my Crudness but sometimes I believe being harsh/blunt is the easiest way to get your point across.  There are guys who will sleep with a random female stranger bare back and then the next day preach to his friends about how dirty it is to engage in felacio with a female.  Hahaha get our of here, you’re already a walking STD piss off!

It’s been too long since I’ve written a proper post and I apologise.  At 25 my biggest and hardest lesson is balance so bare with me.

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