Sex With You By Force?

There are certain dudes who hold a grudge against me because they never got to test out the pootang.. Throwing tantrums when going through pum pum withdrawals..

Lol women are emotional? 


What about when the girl you’ve been putting in that work for for days says no to you test driving her pum pum? So you’re just going to lie and say you don’t have a tantrum? 😂😂😂 What about when you ask her for her number in public and she says no? You’re not going to tell her she’s an ugly bitch anyways? Nah? When you found out she told her homegirls your cocky come like a rusty DIY bicycle she couldn’t ride or balance on? You’re still feeling calm Yh?

I’ve had males block me after realising that their efforts were falling on deaf ears. As much as a guy would disguise this behaviour as the norm, you have to be pretty passionate about a situation to have to withdraw yourself from it. No guy can tell me he is not upset when blocking a female he had hoped to grope. You might as well be throwing your toys out of the pram. I get it, if I’m not entertaining you, you no longer have to pay me any mind but understand why it looks petty. It also makes your intentions obvious, you were driven by your sex drive.

It’s even gone as far as receiving horrible texts after trying to not entertain someone, calling me out of my name. How can you desire me so bad that you’ll insult me when I don’t comply? It doesn’t make sense. 

I’m assuming this behaviour is down to pride and greed. Too proud for anyone to be able to say no to you. Too greedy to realise that not every mountain you come across you must attempt to climb. In fact you guys are the worst type of guys. Perverted sexual predators who will disrespect a female if she don’t give him sex. Writing this now has just made me think, this kind of caveman behaviour leads me to believe these guys think they are entitled to it. As though them wanting you should be an achievement or fulfilment.

It’s funny because the guys who want to conquer your heart will forever persist, the ones who are generally interested in you will fight for it. I believe that this behaviour is a good indication of what a guy really wants from you. This is not to say that some creeps won’t go over and beyond to get in your knickers.

I say this because I know females that still haven’t grasped the concept. Began sleeping with guys who I’d previously warned them about, due to them trying to serenade me and kicking off when I ignored their advances. I’m sure I don’t even have to tell you how that situation ended. Let’s just say he wasn’t that interested in anything but the kitty.

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