Dappy you c*nt

Dappy, serious question, was this a publicity stunt? Was this cooked up by management or public relations? It doesn’t sit right with me and I’ll explain why.

I never actually viewed the whole music video. For those of you locked away from social media, an uproar occurred yesterday, over the nature of some Dappy lyrics. This is someone of Greek heritage, whom, as stated in his song, feels that he has the right to be considered a “nigga”. I discovered a 15 second clip via Instagram and listened as I heard what sounded like Dappy giving a long winded rhyming speech as to why he has the right to use the word. These rights consist of a black BM (babymum) and black friends. I mean what else do you need to be black?

Now let’s not confuse the situation at hand. He never tried to just casually say the word in his song. He is not trying to exercise his use of the word, he is saying that he is one. I am going to embed a video below in which you can see the backlash from other artists and his response. After claiming that “we” altered the meaning of the word in order to fit our new culture, a lot of artists attempted to get Dappy to explain who “we” is. One of his responses was based on the fact that his offspring and their mother are black, a racist would consider them niggas and they are his family so is he not a nigga too?  

The attention was not caught by the use of the word more of the belief behind it. Dappy’s song was a dedication to his blackness. I believe that the black people he moves with have accepted him and that is why his chest is so high. This is real life. Dappy is not the first non-black that wants to be black and this is where the problem lies.

Black people. We are the only people to make suffering appear to be cool. Hear me out. We complain about our setbacks and our struggles and the constant barriers placed in our way. We complain about white supremacy and the fact that a lot of white people refuse to understand that we are still in pain from the torture of our ancestors (if Jews can rightly still be mad at the holocaust then why can we not still harbour emotion for our injustice). We complain about culture vultures, those from other backgrounds trying to steal our culture (the Kardashians have been labelled culture vultures many a time). Then we have the cheek to pass off our culture as the best thing since sliced bread. Well if black culture is the best and for those who are not black, there is no need to experience the psychological issues passed down after generation upon generations, why not adopt it? Who passes up an opportunity to take the good without any bad?

Black people. We call one another nigga as a term of endearment. We took an insult and said “as long as we use it on one another we are not to take offence but when the white man uses it is a term used for his possessions, his belongings.” Ok black people. We done the dumbest shit ever to prove what? That we can take an insult and pretend it doesn’t cut deep because someone who also gets insulted alongside you has used it. To simplify the stupidity of it all let’s use an example. It’s as though all the attractive people you know keep referring to you as ugly which hurts you. Then an ugly person comes up to you and says you’re ugly and you embrace it because they are ugly too. They are using it as a term of endearment because they have also experience the pain I have. No matter who says it you are still considered ugly. Likewise no matter who says it you are still considered a nigga.

Black people. Due to our force of making the term a term of endearment anyone can now be a nigga. Your white, Chinese and Indian friends are now niggas because you love them. You openly describe them as your nigga but want to condemn when they repeat your words. You want to shun them when they embarrass you in front of other black people by saying the word casually. Because at the end of the day they should only use the word with you because your the one that assigned them the special title. You gave them the nigga privilege, without the history attached, without the ancestors clinging on for hope, without the stop and search, without the employment struggle, without the pain. No stigma attached because you made it a term of endearment. Drake repeats the word nigga every few seconds, you expect the other ethnicities to go silent and mime the word when at his concert?

We need to stop using the word. Myself included. Yes I can confess my sins.

Dappy couldn’t have picked a better time to be a nigga then now. With an upcoming EP and the headlines surrounding racism. His slip up was too structured. If you attempt to find the backlash on Instagram there’s no trace of it, this was made to happen hours after it was posted. They cleaned up well, too well. You’re releasing an EP and feel that the best single to debut is the one where you want to be a nigga. Hmm.

I haven’t actually watched the music vid all the way through.  I just can’t. 

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