Platonic not Pum Pum Tonic

Not every man you see me converse with is a potential suitor. Not every time I banter with a man am I flirting. I cannot stand females who do not understand how to maintain a friendship with a male and there are so many. I’ve had problems due to a female thinking we are in competition because she saw some football banter between her crush and I. Bitch please. You think I am here getting wound up about my team and dishing out filth in the hopes that I’ll get into his boxers? Lol what kind of role reversal?

I’m starting to believe that I’m a minority, a female who understands and enjoys male companionship without the desire for sex or attention. I’ve always let it be known that it is hard for me to decipher whether any of my male friends have never actually tried to pursue me in a sexual or romantic way. That’s code for I think they’ve all tried it at least once unless they were a friend by default.

This isn’t always a positive. It means that I put myself in compromising situations due to naïveté. Going somewhere with a guy who I consider a friend but their idea of what I am doesn’t match up. They see me as a potential love interest meaning that their beliefs about the meeting are not as innocent as mine, but this is besides the point..

I briefly touched upon the sexual mechanics in an old post As much as I understand the male race’s reluctance to be placed in the friend zone I think it’s wrong to never put them there. Not every guy you converse with, should be in with the chances of scoring a lucky night or even your romantic emotions. Is this a raffle? Put ur pum pum away please. I’m passionate about the topic because females don’t understand that they set the tone when they make their beliefs known.

If a guy begins talking to you and you respond in a way which contains hints and flirtatious clues as to the nature of the conversation, he is going to follow. As much as we are led to think men take the lead, I believe, that at the beginning of the budding relationship, men follow in the hopes that they will not be blindly rejected, basically a defence mechanism.

In another post I mentioned the importance of becoming friends with a love interest before sex. Forget a condom or the pill (not literally don’t blame me for your STD’s or a big belly), this is safe sex. Know who you are sleeping with. I know females who brag of having a male friend for over 5 years but they don’t actually know the “friend”. She may know him sexually but her knowledge does not exceed that. They never ever built a friendship, it went straight from hello to the bed.

All in all you can have a platonic relationship ladies, but majority of the time your going to have to put him in the friend zone. Don’t hesitate to have a male friend, embrace it, let him see that you have substance, let him desire more than your body.


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