Coming on too strong

Some of you males are way too intense when it comes to the opposite sex. This is a trait that I think has been pinned on females, for years, due to their emotional state. Of recent I am beginning to see a lot of guys behaving in the same manner. Maybe as we are getting older, the pursuit of love is becoming more obvious, due to people feeling like they’re running out of time.  

As time escapes us, I am encountering many females who are complaining about guys who are doing way too much.

I want to intercept here as we have to reason with the opposers. I can hear a lot of you refusing to accept the critique. Women don’t know a good thing when they’ve got it right? This is why all the good guys finish last, because women don’t want good treatment. Women are damaged and expect to be treated badly. Obviously I have to object with the generalisations but I have had this conversation recently with male friends. There is a general consensus that all the good guys automatically get placed into friend zone. I have another theory, all the good guys hoped and prayed that their willingness to embrace their inner Saint would make up for their lack of development in the “Game” area. Their initial approach is based on how different they are from the norm, how they don’t make sexual advances, how easily you could consider them a friend. Lol their idea of game is by placing emphasis on how good of a friend they can be in order to convince the female that she is not being “moved to” (courted), or so that she will not run away in anticipation of the usual bombardment she receives from the opposite sex.  

How can you demonstrate that you are the best male friend ever and get upset when I try to befriend you?

Moving on, my point was about the extreme desperation which seems to be surfacing from males nowadays. It could almost be construed as crazy. This whole lay it on the line straight away thing is rather off putting. Personally I am not attracted to those who plan my future for me, especially when they decide to throw in a personal appearance in every chapter. SLOW DOWN. If we have just met you’re not able to determine what would be best for me, even if you assume it is you.

Guys, stop turning up uninvited and using the word surprise (Binky I’ve got you on this one, I’ve also suffered). Surprise gives the impression that I will like the shock I am about to receive. SURPRISE BUT I DON’T LIKE YOUR SURPRISE, RETURN TO SENDER! I think this is one of the most important DON’TS, it is an unwarranted invasion of space. Baring in mind this is all in relation to the getting to know someone process rather than a relationship.

I love a morning text as much as the next person. That feeling that you are the first thought on someone’s mind, possibly even the last thought before they fell asleep. If you do not get one back please receive that as the receiver not being appreciative enough. At that point do not then send another text, which just gives potential for a lonely one-man conversation. Apply this to all texts you send which do not receive a reply. Know when to stop talking to yourself.

To all of those who I have blocked in the past, and you’ve tried to avoid the blocking by obtaining a new number, that’s not ok. You are the worst. Wrong. If you aware that a person no longer wants to engage with you do not get a new number to change their mind. Trust me this isn’t going to go the way you planned.

The last point I am going to touch upon is images. Guys do not send unwanted pictures to try and lure females in. I don’t think sexual imagery does the same for women as it does for men. I’ve been sent inappropriate images from males, randomly I might add, I’ve never appreciated not one. In fact I find it awkward, I don’t know what to say to a random willy. Do you want feedback? Are you sending this to enlighten me to send one of a similar nature? Are you expecting me to save it? Do you think I will want to have sexual relations with you now?

Being the good guy will not go against you I promise. It’s your actions and what you portray which makes a female decide if you are who she wants. I think the best friend approach will, majority of the time, land you in the friend zone. Coming on too strong will land you in the friend zone if your lucky, it’s more likely to leave you rejected. Good guys can have game too, why is there this belief that a good guy has to be dorky in his approach? It’s a stigma attached to the guys who are known to be “gyalists” (players), they have expert level game which is thought to be reflected in their number of sexual partners.

No more dick pics please.
Persistence *sigh*.

4 thoughts on “Coming on too strong

  1. anonymous D says:

    I agree with most of the ideas put forward in this passage. However a good guy just being themselves is enough to land them in a good place with a girl ie not the friendzone.

    Even if you are fishing for food to last you a lifetime or fishing for the sake of sport (the compulsive players) both need to know how to fish.

    Even the most genuine of guys need to know how to talk to women, how to flirt, how express themselves in the correct way, attractive way. Not necessarily be someone else but to show themselves in the best light. No different than a company having an a website to show their quality of services and things to come.

    No game gets you nowhere other than rejected and/or in the friendzone.


    • MsLissaShaneé says:

      Love this response, I agree whole heartedly.. there is absolutely nothing wrong with being the gd guy and I hate that those with a gd reputation are deemed to not be appreciated by women. I liked your comparison, no matter the reason for your hunger of fish you have to able to fish in order to retain some. Thank anonymous D.


  2. sejleker says:

    The text problem I have myself with the constant text from someone. One of the Mothers at nursery group have access to my mobile number and start texting me first saying hello, then it was lots of compliments. She would send another message before I have chance to answer, she was very much. I agree to have lunch with her but it was same she just talk constantly and on random subject like she was very nervous. After one week I change my number and do not add it to nursery notice board, I did not like changing my number.


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