Creep Squad

I’ve been requested, by my sister, to write about my view on creep squad. The original Creep squad name was coined by the perverted males in Love & Hip Hop, who thought it best defined their messy promiscuous behaviour.  

What do I think when we use the term creep? Promiscuity is a variable but is definitely not enough for me to label someone a creep. The word implies a lack of self control, a broken moral penis, oops, I mean compass. I initially thought the word was a relation to the culprits’ approach. I now believe it is not always apparent from the approach, that someone is a creep. The creepy side may not appear until months down the line (don’t I know it).

Creeps set good guys back, these are the men our stereotypes are based on. The damage a creep can impose, makes the amount of good men seem minuscule. I don’t need to be schooled, I know it’s incorrect to generalise and judge. I’m just trying to make sense out of nonsense. The reason that creeps leave so much debris in their endeavours is because of the severity of what they are willing to do. Worst still, they may be able to acknowledge it but, they are unable to prevent their behaviour.

In case you think I’m exaggerating, or speaking on something I do not know of first hand let me tell you about a situation I had the pleasure of being in. I promise you there is no fabrication. So, a couple years ago I found myself on holiday with friends and some of their family members. I remember my friends cousin, who is a couple years younger than us, being hit on by her older cousin’s best friend (maybe just short of a decade). I wasn’t comfortable with what I was seeing and for those who know me my mouth is not my own. I addressed her older cousin in an attempt to alert him to what I thought was inappropriate. His response? Nah it’s cool, I done a ting with one of his cousins so I owe him…. CREEEEEEP. I have more examples but I don’t want to drone in so if you desire to hear my real life accounts, contact me.

Back to the point, I think that there are different stages among creeps. Yes, I said it, there’s levels to this shit.

The different types;

Stevie J/Peter Gunz

The guy who will have you hold him down for years, bare his children and brag to the masses about how much you love your man. Whilst you are doing all of this he’s busy proposing to his side chick. These are the most dangerous kind of creeps, those who can’t separate their emotions from their creep behaviour. Come on. How can you get it so incorrect? Marrying your side chick whilst with your main can surely only be seen as off key. If this was originally just a fling and you’re prone to cheating, how do you open yourself to fall in love? Or are you just a sucker for a human being with a vagina. The worst type! The joke is my views on monogamy are not as straight forward as you would think, I honestly believe it’s possible to love two or more people at any given time. I also believe that society, and it’s given tools to control, have told us we should only be with one person for the rest of our lives or at any one time. Regardless of these views I do believe that if you have led your partner to believe that you practice monogamy, then you should stick with it. 

Richie dollars 

The experienced creep. The creep who’s moral compass is sometimes working. If he wants to just sleep with you he will let it be known, if he wants you to be exclusive then he will state it. He picks his targets wisely and analyses the levels of stress and drama he can get from each one. These are the creeps which take a little while to figure out. They’re on their A game.


The creep that doesn’t even know why he is sleeping with so many females. Cannot even differentiate between lust and love. Physical appearance is all he needs.


That’s the end of my rant.  Females be careful and obviously not all men are like this but I have stories for days.  Creep squad exists and I think they are the most insecure man you can come across.

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