Radio Music – Randy Valentine

Exactly 9 days ago I received a link in the morning hours. This link was due to disrupt my musical routine at the time. It was only a few days after I had downloaded Rihanna’s Anti album, which I had been rinsing on my speakers. Randy Valentine finally dropped his rap tape titled Radio Music.
The concept for this project was a manifestation of his previous EP ‘Bring Back the Love’. The idea of renewing something which had long ago left it’s mark. Paying homage to those who had previously enchanted our parents ears or our childhood memories.  

The creative concept is one to be of awe in but I haven’t told you the best part. I feature on the mixtape aka rap tape, in fact that’s me on the intro under the alias of empress Devine, I’ve even been shouted out on blogs under this alias due to Radio Music. I also cameo in the music video for all I need, which is one of my favourites, & you can hear my big fat Jamaican laugh on the intro of the song.

Too much is another favourite. “Am I thinking too much, I keep the marijuana stinking..” For anyone who enjoyed the 90s era of hip hop and also enjoys their mind being stimulated, this is a gift for you. Download, I promise you won’t be disappointed. Walshy Fire of MajorLazer even appears on the rap tape alongside other big names like Gappy Ranks and Kabaka Pyramid.


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