I Love Me Enough For The Both Of Us

Usually looking through his potential suitors would upset me. Comparing myself to the females who are out of my league. I’m not the norm, all the glam make up and designer clothes, I’m over here in an Armani tracksuit, that’s about as glam as it gets. For once this process put a smile on my face. For once I felt special. I felt special because I was the odd one out. I am different, I do not blend in. What is more special than that which is unique?

For years I’ve understood that I’m not what is expected of a female. My sister who is 5 years my junior, has been told she looks like the older of the two, because of her ability to go from broke baby mum on benefits in bruck down shitty estate to Multi platinum selling diva. I’m stuck in the shitty estate. The system has me trapped. I’ve never bought an item of MAC make up. I’ve relied on Drake’s lyrics, “sweat pants, hair tied, chilling with no make up on, that’s when your the prettiest I hope that you don’t take it wrong”, to surface my inner beauty. For a second Drake made it cool to do broke babymum from bruck down shitty estate.
As much as guys like to pretend that they are running from those who know how to unlock their potential with coloured creams and powders, they don’t bloody know the difference. The only time you males get a hint, is when she hugs you and leaves that foundation mark on your shirt, or when her face print is left on your pillow. Some of you men would date Ronald McDonald and still claim you didn’t know that he’s bathed in make up. You men are really opinionated on matters you have no clue on. First it was weave, as though your Aunty was not at your house yesterday gluing on your mum’s lace wig. Your mum is not coolie, that’s definitely that virgin Brazilian wet and wavy.

I’m venturing away from what I initially wanted to share with you all. I’m falling even deeper in love with myself. I no longer compare and envy the effort and art other females are willing to put in. I know I’m not the prettiest, I know I’m not a model, I know I’m not a celebrity with a personal make up artist, I know my face isn’t symmetrical. However, I’m enough to change a males mind on what is solely desirable. In a lot of situations, in fact most, I’ve never been the type, of the guy I’m approached by (this is a whole other post).  

This is not a “you don’t need makeup campaign”, that would be a lie, some women do, like really do. This is a “embrace you’re different”, this began because I wanted to compare myself to others and by the end of it I realised that the differences are what made me a winner. Being the norm will attract the norm.

Don’t judge me but I like travelling and when I am not flying overseas I like my home. I like chilling in the warmth with a cooked meal or a take away. I like watching movies on Netflix. I like watching Spurs competing for the premier league title. You want to join me then you’re going to have to fit into it. I like me, no, I love me.

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