Ego Stroke

Let’s not pretend this is anything more than an ego stroke
No real love
No real passion
Just someone who makes you feel as though you’re on a pedestal sometimes
As if you could be that trophy in the cabinet everyone desires
The person who allows you to believe that they would show you off

If this is not real
If this is built on fabrication
What are you gaining?

Let’s not pretend that this isn’t just a way to gain a stroke of your own ego
No real testimony
No real future
There’s always been something about your backstroke
But what I’d failed to realise is my stroke also held power
Gave you the same joy you had given me
Gave you the same reassurance you had given me
So we cling on to what we hope to be true in order to hide insecurities
Because as much as we are both standing on this transparent pedestal
We will never be here together
We will never reign together
We will never rule together

I will be without you
On the same ground level as everyone else
Forced to humble

I will see you
With that model type who has to look down to see me
I will look the other way

I will love you
While you embrace another and rightly stroke her ego
Knowing It wasn’t to be me

3 thoughts on “Ego Stroke

    • MsLissaShaneé says:

      We live and we learn!! This is an old poem and I was happy to post it because I learnt and moved on from that point in time.. he no longer has that hold on me.. you make me feel normal by letting me know I’m not the only one lol x


      • Just Me says:

        Isn’t it a great feeling when you take back that control?! Mine was a guy I used to “see” on and off since I was about 20 (14 years) and finally this year I took back the control and realised this isnt healthy for me. The way he was shocked that I was the one that locked it! Def not the only one! x

        Liked by 1 person

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