5 ways to tell that she’s not that into you

Includes: “If you ask her out and she says no, she’s not into you”

When Steph caught us being troubled by dead spices

1. If you ask for her number and she offers her Instagram instead, she’s not into you. When you’ve spit your game and you feel like your nearing the end of the match. Almost time to drop the finisher combo. You have to secure, prove that the effort you just used wasn’t a waste of time. You take out your phone, press the phone icon, get the keypad up and hold it out towards her. She looks at you and says, “I don’t give out my number, but I can give you my Instagram or snapchat.” You know it’s slyly a shutdown but you take that username anyways just so you can thirst over her from a distance.

2. If she’s ignoring your messages, she’s not into you. This one is the most straight forward one. You made progress, you’ve managed to find a place where you can have a private conversation and pursue. It’s taken you a hot minute to decide what your approach is going to be. Can’t be cheesy, can’t be aggressive, just got to try and find that middle point of charm. You put it together, read over it, you’re proud and ready to press send. You wait. You wait. You wait. You open the conversation just to check that you didn’t miss the notification. Nope, you didn’t. Just a compound of o2 and Co2 sitting comfortably on the dotted line. Worse still, you can see that she’s opened and viewed the message.

3. If every time you ask to see her she’s busy, she’s not into you. “I’m sorry I’ve got a dinner date with my friends.” “I’m working late for the next two weeks.” “I’m sick :(“. There is nothing wrong with an ambitious and social woman but if she’s never available read between the lines. She’s just a sweetheart that doesn’t want to hurt your feelings. Unless she offers a solution she doesn’t care to see you.

4. You heard that she let’s off easy but you just can’t tap, she’s not into you. Ffs. Is it not self explanatory. If all of your homies have hit and your yet to get the double tap, but she’s making you do the run around, be smart. When she’s telling you you have to put in work, buy gifts, take her out on dates and your friends just had to buy her a drink at the club to proceed, she’s not that into you.

5. If you ask her out and she says no, she’s not into you. No is no. Persistence is a major key, in appropriate situations. Persistence is stalkerish in others! This is a great time to be a single man. 

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