Why Your Girlfriend Hates You

I’m keeping this simplistic for all of you males.

  1. Unnecessary lies.   Yes, you know you’re guilty of it. When you are trying to cover up something she’ll be pissed about and tell an unnecessary lie. You and your friends are going out but to save yourself an earache you say you’re just chilling at Tyrone’s. You messed up. When she unearths the truth the result is going to be ten times worse. It doesn’t matter if you were on your best behaviour at the club, you lied. She respects your honesty, even if she doesn’t like what is being said. Either man up or call Tyrone, as Erykah Badu once preached. Think about it, the more unnecessary lies you tell, the harder it will be to convince her that you slipped, tripped and fell into Sarah last weekend.  

2. Stringing her along.  Keep it 8 more than 92 with her, 100. Say it as it is. What do you want? What is this? What are the terms and conditions? Men do not have the greatest reputations, sadly this means she has a preconception of the type of person you are. Do not fuel her negative ideals by proving her right. How can you be blamed for the consequences if you were straight up from the get go. If you set up the blueprint and she builds on the wrong foundation, you can’t be held responsible. 

  3. Your double standards.  You’re a man, you say, and some things in this world can only be undertaken by a man. Only men should whore out because women cannot respectfully be penetrated by multiple partners. Men cheat because they are primal creatures. Women can’t have male friends because men have a different agenda, but you and your female “friends” are different. You agree don’t you? Please, let your balls drop, put some bass in your voice, why are you so insecure? She cannot participate in the activities you do due to your being afraid of what may happen. There’s nothing wrong with letting your partner know they are putting you into a compromising position. It’s our job to ensure that our partner is not uncomfortable even if we feel we are doing nothing wrong. Be fair. If she can’t then neither should you. 

4. Not progressing in the relationship.
You’ve been together for over 4 years now. What’s the difference between today and the first day you got together? Nothing. Do you know how many times a day she’s cursing out your name, wondering whether it is time to exit the shamble of a relationship? She doesn’t even necessarily want to marry you, she just wants to know you’re willing to show you are going to commit, or that you have matured within the relationship. Can’t be talking about we’ve been together since we were 16 and nothing has changed. Females reflect on their romantic lives as an indication of success. If the relationship hasn’t progressed, please believe she’s taking it as a failure, she’s taken the L. Friends around her rubbing it in her face, been with their man for only a year and they’re pregnant with a fat rock on their marriage finger.

  5.  Too dominant.  You didn’t think that was possible did you?  Men are meant to be in control, right? Women like to wear the trousers.  Let me rephrase, we want our men to be masculine, we want him to be able to put us in our place, yet we need to feel like we have some sort of control.  I’ve said to every male friend I have, let your girlfriend feel as though she has the control sometimes, and I promise she will make a happier wife.  I’m openly saying pretend, if you really are a push over, chances are she’ll walk all over you or get bored.  Let her win sometimes.  Take one for the team, you already know women are always right.

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