4 Reasons Your Partner May Not be Your Soul mate

This article may break a heart or two 

  1. There are 7.4billion people inhabiting the world. So what’s to say that the person that you met in your town, workplace or place of study, is whom you are destined to be with. Think about it, we all have that friend that doesn’t make good choices when it comes to the opposite sex because they do not choose who they are going to be with, they just accept whatever is on offer. The perfect person for you could be on another continent but you will never know because you settled as soon as John met Sally at 15 years old. 


Disclaimer; I did not make this meme, he deserves love too boo boo

 2. You can love anyone. A good example would be your family members. They may piss you off or cause drama but you will forever love them. Yes, family is blood but is it any different to when you’ve convinced yourself you are in love, with your partner, so you have to put up with the bad as well as the good. Love is something which can be formed in any relationship, if you are working towards it, it will manifest. Love is used as an excuse to; ignore habits we hate, push aside behaviours we do not condone and lastly, to stay in situations we know are not healthy for us. Just because you are in love, it does not make your partner your soul mate (or you wouldn’t have been through 8 exes, just saying.)

  3. Societies ideals. A lot of people base their level of success on a planned time frame. This is not helped by social media, as in this day and age, people are forever comparing their lives to others. Bombarded with visions of photographic couples who portray their happiness by smiling and showing teeth. Of course they’ve found happiness because they’re smiling in a picture, right? Society and cultural values pressure young people into settling young. We all have those family members who are forever asking when we’re getting married or having kids. Encouraging you to bring your new partner to family events. Without realising it, this pressures us into making sure that the relationship works, it can be embarrassing when you’ve invited someone into your family and it doesn’t work.

4. Fear. There are many people who have only had one partner and admittedly cannot leave due to comfort. They fear what is out there, better the devil you know than the devil you don’t. Why risk going out into the unknown and ending up worse than the situation you were in? The same goes for leaving a job and entering a new one, or migrating to another location, etc. If fear rules, you will forever be stagnant, not because that’s what you were destined for but because your cowardice will never allow you to explore your desires. You are with your partner, not because you think they are the most compatible for you, but because they got to you first. Despite all of this, happy anniversary to you and yours.

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