5 Reasons Why Every Guy is Becoming a Personal Trainer

He’s coming to a local gym near you

 1. He now has an excuse when cheating on his girlfriend. He now works at that 24 hour gym and work calls, even at midnight. How else is he supposed to support you? And that girl you feel threatened by, she’s just a client, honestly babe. She needs an emergency session as she won’t be able to make it tomorrow, her boyfriend has surprised her with a holiday and her body has to be bikini ready, every session counts. It’s just a job and the goal is to make her fit, no matter if it’s aerobics or sexercise.


2. Muscle combats insecurity. You know he suffers from small man syndrome. You know he never got female attention growing up, due to being facially challenged. You know he was never the man amongst his peers, the laughing stock, the butt of the joke. Now that he’s morphed into the hulk not even the avengers want to mess with him. Steroids and his gym regime have made him untouchable. 

  3. Easy way into her knickers. The easiest way to invade a woman’s walls is unknowingly. How can she defend against the attack if she doesn’t know it’s coming. She believes his intentions are innocent and career driven but really he just wants to stretch and strengthen his groin. If he can bed her and book 5 sessions at a discounted ‘personal trainer with benefits’ rate, then why the hell not?

  4. Women love muscle. There’s something about fat transformed into muscle. Suddenly he becomes boyfriend material. Possibly it’s the old fashioned desire for masculinity, as though the steroids are not messing with his hormones causing him to be emotional. Yes I know not all trainers are on steroids, calm down hench Harry.

5. When all else fails, become a personal trainer. I guess this is the same as when they say if you can’t do, then teach. Just narrowed to the sports category. Selling drugs not working out for you? Life isn’t easy after coming out of jail? Tired of being employed in retail, for the last decade? No qualifications? Need I say anymore? Fast money made in your own desired time, sounds too good to be true.  No wonder fitness is on trend.

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