What Women Want

As some of you men seem to be so confused, we’re here to help.

Men have forever labelled women to be emotional and indecisive.  This has sometimes been blamed for men’s bad behaviour, like the theory that nagging will drive a man away or the belief that women tie emotion to everything, which is why they cannot successfully take part in a casual sex arrangement without having their hearts broken. 

So, along with some young 20-30 year old females, we took it upon ourselves to simplify what women actually want.  This may help a lot of guys who feel they are giving above and beyond but still cannot make their woman or potential partner happy.  I get it, you took her out last week so that you wouldn’t get any grief when you go out with your boys this week.  Yet she still has something to say.  You made it clear that you didn’t want a relationship but now she’s mad that you don’t respect her and you’re treating her like a dirty secret.  She still has something to say.  

Hopefully this will allow you males to see the most major desires of a female.  It also allows men to determine what is realistic as a lot of females still hold on to the possibility of a Disney romance story, ending in a massive magical pumpkin taking them home, after their louboutins have turned back into Nike sliders, and their prom gown a mere food infested ancient dressing gown from a land before time.






The conclusion?  The main traits that I saw repeated were, faithful, loyal and ambitious.  Just below those top 3 came honesty/trust.  Women have a tendency of creating long unreachable lists which no man can achieve which is why the females which took part, were only a allowed to submit a short brief promo.  Women seek the possible rather than what is here and now.  The banter is always on women forever wanting the opposite sex to change. 


Men, that’s faithful, loyal and ambitious.  These traits can land you a wife.

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