Gangster’s Paradise

They’ve been selling you a dream

There was once a tweet which went viral, it was a female who was asking how can we educate our children and convince them that education is the key, when it is followed by scenes of broke, unemployed graduates and “balling” criminals.  How do you convince someone that the contradictory system they are in will not be of a detriment to them.


Get an education and you’ll land the job of your dreams.  The truth is the educational system fails in preparing children for real life. You are given a limited amount of knowledge for curriculum exams and qualifications but no advice or useful life skills.  We begin drowning in debt to attend university but have never had one lesson or class which demonstrates the best way to deal with debt.  Basically we are led to a ditch pushed in and never told how to get out.  Now you have a degree, go and live your dream…  Except they forget to tell you that you need experience to live your dream.  They never taught you practically, it’s all theory, that qualification is nothing but revised words in your head.  You’re back to square one after studying for almost two decades.


Your favourite celeb didn’t use their qualifications.  Celebrities are idolised.  A lot of the younger generations motivation comes from the perceived lifestyle of their favourite famous persons.  Your favourite athlete doesn’t need the Pythagoras theorem to exercise their skill.  Your favourite TV personality only needed a sex tape for success.  Your favourite rapper may use math and chemistry to be honest, how else can they specialise in chemical compounds and weighing up decent amounts for their customers.  These particular skills aren’t taught in school.  These people have gained “success” with things which aren’t necessarily taught in the educational system.


You were promised the lifestyle you want. How long must you wait for your desired lifestyle?  Let’s rephrase, lifestyle could be changed to the word wealth.  How long must you wait for the sum of money you have always dreamed of?  You’ve studied for over 18 years and yet are being told you may have to wait 18 more.  You can’t even get your foot through the door of the industry you want to get into, that’s a delay in itself.  Interest on your student loan just multiplying by the minute.  There is no longer that reassurance that you will even reach the heights that you once dreamt of.  Oh and look, there goes the local drug dealer in his 16 plate Mercedes benz, remember when he dropped out of school?


The system is setup this way on purpose.  THE SYSTEM IS NOT FAILING.  We all have the belief that when we have our children we should be able to give them more than we ever had.  How is that even possible when we send our children back into the same system that we feel may have been a detriment to us?  Children are given false hope in the hopes that they will stay in further education and take out a loan, meaning that they already owe the state before they have begun working.  You started in minus thanks to the government.  To learn their education to boost their economy.  Children will forever feel tempted by an illegal or unconventional method of making money because it allows them to take control of their progress.  They have freedom.  No restraints. 

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