I lost another one of my grandparents on Father’s Day.  I was woken up out of my sleep with the news. I repeated over and over again “No Mum.”  I don’t do well with grief, I don’t know how to handle bereavement, I don’t know how to express my pain.  So I’ve written a poem for one of my kings.  

I was just with you

Breathing the same air

Sighting you 

Held your hand and felt your bloods warmth

You have been on a journey of your own

Where we were sometimes unable to find you


I understood that you found sanctuary in your memories

And that is the best lesson you have given

So I remember you 

And your patois mumbling

Your pride and boldness

To do more than the average

The beast within you

That tamed my unruly father

Whom inherited your principles

And passed them onto me

The man who was so proud to hear that I was still in education

The man that promised me the world if I stay focused


Your mind began playing tricks on you

You didn’t remember the little dolly baby

Who is now struggling with your departure

But you will forever be with me Grandad McPherson 

Alongside Granny Taylor

For you gave me life

These tears will fall a thousand times

Every one a memory

A drop of life

Joy and laughter

Discipline and lessons

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