Should you be considering this person as a potential sexual partner?

Just in case you are unable to make clear decisions before bus’ing a nut ask yourself these questions

Do you care who you sleep with? A lot of people like to claim they have standards. The operative word being ‘claim’. People like to feel as though they are exclusive and a limited edition, which is why no one will openly admit to not having any standards, when regarding sexual partners. Often, standards are considered to be in relation to looks but it’s also in regards to a person as a whole, personality traits, compatibility, etc. The ideal that looks are enough to determine whether a person can be considered a sexual partner is shallow. The most attractive person can carry invisible detriments. How old are you? Did they skip over STDs and STIs when you were in school? Umm maybe you need to go to your local clinic. Sexy does not mean you should sex, you have no standards.

Will a romp affect your life in the short or long term? Sex is a temporary fulfilment. Let’s say it again. Sex is a temporary fulfilment. One night of passion will not hold you over for the rest of your life, in fact you may be fiending a couple hours after. Looking for the next fix. So for the short term it’s enjoyable but what about the long term. One sexual encounter can haunt you for the rest of your life. Ask anyone who has had a sex tape publicised, ask anyone who had sex with someone once but has had a child as a consequence. In fact, having sex with the wrong person can come back and bite you on the ass. Your potential suitor could learn of your sexual endeavours and become turned off.

Do you respect them? If the answer is no then leave it and let us explain why. As stated in the point above you can endure a lot of consequences as a result of just one sexual encounter. This is where respect has a big role to play. Hypothetically, you sleep with someone and then find out that you are both now pregnant. Congratulations. Oh shit. You don’t actually like the person, you have not one ounce of respect for them. How do you now handle the situation you have placed yourself in? Abort? What if they don’t agree? Take responsibility and step up as a parent for your unborn child? Now your child has a mother or father you do not respect. Surely that’s going to prove to be a problem when raising your child. People underestimate how life changing a sexual encounter can be, it sounds daunting but it’s the truth. Anything can happen, and in the case that anything happens, if you respect the other party, it will make the situation a whole lot more stress free.

Why are you even considering it? Think. You’ve had a drought, cobwebs are out of control maybe? If you are sex starved why not seek the best possible nutrition, you can eat anything, but “anything” (or anyone) will not necessarily satisfy you. You like the person? That’s sweet, do they like you back because I promise you, sex is not the way to get someone to like you. Someone liking your sex does not account for them liking you. Attention seeking? Go ahead, there’s no helping you, you are confusing all types of attention with the right type of attention and sadly you may never learn this until it is too late. The classic “they’re the most sought after person” so you have to have a try? Let the world know that you’re the winner, that you slept with somebody whom a lot of people want to sleep with. Go you. So now that you’ve accomplished that how does it feel? All the praise from others who want to encounter the same sexual desires you did. Surely their praises put money in your pocket. Surely you have reached a pinnacle in life. Surely you can quit work tomorrow on the premise that you slept with a well desired person.  

Only you can figure out what is right or wrong for yourself. These questions are designed to make you think. We, as humans, all understand sexual drive, temptation has the ability to cloud judgement and sensibility. If asked in an environment where there is no temptation it may allow you to think differently. No blood rushing to that pleasurable area.

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