But Your Best Friend Is a Rapist..

​DVS has sent shockwaves throughout the UK music scene with news of horrific torture and the rape of a 17 year old but do you know someone capable of the same?

1. Tell tale signs.  A lot of males have been told about their friends.  Women pick up on a man’s behaviour especially if it’s threatening. Women are more vocal when they notice worrying traits but it seems as though their opinions fall on deaf ears.  The importance of males picking up on these signs cannot be emphasized enough.  A lot of the times the warnings are brushed off as excuses that women are using to avoid looking promiscuous or being disrespected.  The next time a female tells you that your mate has troubled her in a threatening or sexual manner you need to hear and understand.

2. He’s abusive.  There are so many stories where a friend watched as his homie physically abused their romantic or sexual partner.  “Nah I’m not getting involved in their domestics”, I pray that the guy witnessing a man hitting your little sister or your mum does not have the same mentality as you.  Men don’t like to show any kind of emotional involvement and I think that’s what causes the switch off in situations such as the one above.  But what if she was one of your family members, what if she was your daughter?  Not because she is with your friend, does that mean she is not entitled to any aid or assistance when getting battered.  You just gave your mate a wife beater pass.  You are an enabler and a wasteman, yeah I said it.  You may not deem assault to be sexual but it can manifest due to the desire for power, domination and control, leading to the next point.

3. He’s socially awkward with the opposite sex. He seems obsessive and possessive in regards to the opposite sex.  You can’t speak to him logically regarding how he behaves.  As long as he is in control he will remain calm.  You know somethings not right.  He was the guy that used to play fight with the females with too much passion, causing injuries.  He’s the guy who’s game was being aggressive and intimidating.  He was the guy that kicked a female because she refused to give him her number (true story).  He was the guy that bottled a female because she didn’t want to talk to him (true story).  You were beside him, you had to pull him back, you told him he’s a madman, then you got in your car and laughed about it.  Your as bad as him you sick bastard.

4. He’s a sex fiend.  Sex causes him to lose his moral compass, probably underneath his clothes heaped on the floor.  Your friend who will do anything to secure the beat (sexual relations).  Travel for hours just to get his cocktail sausage wet.  We are expected to believe that after several hours of driving to meet his latest desire, he will accept his potential sexual escapade refusing to let his soldiers enter her military Base. Hell nah, if he’s willing to drive three hours for sex he’s willing to do a lot more to avoid looking like the fool, or getting what he’s fiending for.  He will sleep with anything, this being dangerous as principles no longer apply.  Too young, young, mid life menopause and pensioner are all categories which can enter his peripheral vision.

It’s important to touch on how the ‘roadman culture’ links into breeding insecure men who hunger power.  The code is to be ruthless in order to obtain what you want, drugs, money, even women.  Further to that, you then have to show off what you’ve acquired.  Some take this ideal too far.  Pull up your friend when they are displaying off-key behaviours.  This could be the same friend, you bring into your home, and he attacks your sister in the next room from you.

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