​Do You Know Your Vaginal Worth?

The next time he wants to f*ck ask yourself does he deserve my p*ssy

Magic pussy

Everyone wants to believe that they have the good good.  But in reality this is not possible, it is not possible that every female on this earth has the remarkable talent and skills when in the bedroom.  Regardless of this, let’s play on the fact that you have faith in your vagina’s walls, you have the best mechanical lotus flower bomb that ever existed.  Top range.  Luxury item. So surely if you allow any old riff raff the opportunity of basking in this luxury you devalue the product.  Are you hearing me?  Your vagina is now an overplayed version of prada sports kicks worn by every road man that ever lived.  Then you expect the “rich gentleman” to know your worth, why would he want to be sporting the same thing as everyone else.  That is no longer a luxury as anyone can attain it.

Are you a pleasure cart?

You don’t care what anyone thinks.  You’re grown.  Nobody should be concerned with your vagina unless it directly affects them.  I hear you.  Your body is your own this meaning no one actually has the right to dictate and instruct you on how to use it.  Go head girl own your promiscuity.  So wait, do you care about what you think?  Oh you’re fine with how you conduct yourself and fling around your sexual organs like freebies?  So why are you only offering up 10% of your sexual encounters when asked for your body count?  Explain to me again how you are mature and want to live your life how you want to, but yet have to falsify numbers.  We’re listening.  Don’t fool yourself.  Being grown is one of the biggest excuses used to make people feel better about doing things which are generally frowned upon.  Secretly, needing to use the excuse demonstrates that in fact, you are aware that your behaviour is not correct.  If this is your lifestyle own it, until this day I have never seen half a crackhead, they’re either committed or not.  It’s fine to not conform to society and take on its ideals but be true to yourself.

The village bike after years of use

Your vagina is magical and no matter how many times it is put to use it retains its quality.  Just like a…  Umm… What do we know of in life that can be frequently used and never gain any wear and tear?  Well this is sad.  No matter how you try to convince yourself, if you share your bike with the whole village it is not returning back in the same condition. Yes you have been compared to the village bike but if that’s too harsh I’ll use another metaphor.  You have public healthcare and you have private healthcare.  Private healthcare understand the urgency and professionalism needed to perform and help clients.  They understand the value of each patient as they are being paid a fee at the end, due to this they will provide the upmost service to ensure its worth.  Then there’s public healthcare who just don’t give a f*ck.  Anyone and anybody can waltz in and overwhelming demand means the service slacks.  There’s no motivation because there is no value attached to the service.  People begin to mock the service and will abuse it to suit their needs.  Are you public or private?

What you do with your vagina is up to you.  This is not to convince you to do any different but to understand whether you, yourself, hold any value over your Crown Jewels.

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