How Disney F*cked Females Over

Disney (original era, old school) will never be the same again

There is no Prince Charming.  If you are waiting for him to come valiantly aboard a horse, in shining armour, then you have just smoked crack. Ok, of course you’re not waiting for a medieval heir to the throne to come and rescue you. That would be stupid. Yet you are still willing to play the role of damsel in distress to attract just that. Disney made you believe you have to play weak and vulnerable in order to appeal to that masculine, strong man you desire. This is a problem if the man you desire is of a new age and requires a woman who is as strong and independent as himself. He is looking at you as a dead weight who cannot help or better him in any way shape or form.

There was never a single mother unless dead or widowed and evil. We had the evil stepmother in Cinderella. Then there was the evil Queen, also a stepmother, Lady Tremaine, in Snow White. Dumbo’s single mother killed, Mowgli’s mother killed, Bambi’s mother killed, Ariel’s mother killed by pirates, Quasimodo’s mother killed, the list goes on. It appears that Walt does not believe that a single mother can raise a child successfully without either being murdered or resenting their child for lack of a relationship with their father, whether alive or dead. Also according to Disney, step mothers are the worst apparently so you should never leave your children in their care, or never trust your children’s father to pick a maternal, good woman after your departure. Life lessons ay?

The female never saves the day.  Yes as has already been established women are weak. Frail, fragile things that run through forests getting attacked, the bitch was paranoid that weed was too strong for Snow White, by the trees haunting shadows. The closest thing we had to a strong and honourable, courageous, heroic woman was Mulan. The twist was that she had to become a male in order to push these boundaries, or at least pretend to be one. Kind of defeats the purpose right? Belle had us fooled for a minute with her independence, giving creep gaston the light skin treatment (rejecting his attempts to woo her) but then fell in love with a beast that held her hostage. I don’t even know what future lessons I would want my daughter to take from that story. Maybe that looks are not everything but it was more than that, I don’t want my daughter to seek love in a hostile environment. Cinderella is a prime example of the damsel in distress awaiting a prince to save her.

Women gave up their lives for their men.   The little mermaid gave up her beautiful voice and tail in order to gain legs and walk on land with her man, who she clocked for a few seconds on the beach,mute obviously. We should not have been shown that at such an influential age. This links in with the common belief that women have to give up their dreams and goals to obtain a happy relationship or family. Worse still, she didn’t even know him when she gave up her talent, meaning she was just desperate for the D, oops we mean love.  The idea of giving everything up for a fantasy.

Be careful and analyse everything as your little girls, sisters, cousins, can easily be influenced.

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