Did You Rape Her?

Just because she had sex with you it doesn’t mean she wanted to, potentially it’s rape

Every girl has a different pressure point or a different idea of when to feel obligated. Those who have early pressure points are considered easy. An example would be a female who thinks the point of no return, in regards to sex, is entering a guys home or room. Some females deem that to be the point of obligation. “I have to perform as I’ve gone this far, come all this way, he’ll be pissed if I don’t”. Then you have those who are considered frigid, these are the females that give up a fight. They may not feel obligated to have sex until they are naked, up until that point they are willing to brush off your advances, push your hand off of their thigh, move your hand from inappropriate places while you’re trying to distract her with a kiss. They can hold on for as long as possible before giving up the goods. The problem is women feeling obligated to have sex. Where your pressure point is, is neither here nor there. There shouldn’t be a pressure point.

Her No’s are playful. Ok then. To an extent society has made it seem as though putting up a fight is sexy and can be considered foreplay. Let me change your way of thinking. If this is a done deal and from the signs you have read she is up for it, why do you not feel offended or disgusted when she says no? Playfully or not. Why are you ok with her making you feel like you are begging for it? Why are you ok with her making you work so hard for it? Sex is not an exam, it is to be enjoyed by the participants, not to be a test of some sort. You see when she slapped your hand away, you should have stopped and let her know if you want this D you’re going to have to come for it. You didn’t though, you continued to grope, tried to find new access points to her treasure. We are not saying that a lot of girls are not fooled into believing the word no is part of foreplay, but men should not encourage it. It should place doubt in your head and also the risk of her being able to cry rape should be enough to turn you off. Maybe understand that this female in question is also confused about how a sexual encounter should be, it is not normal to turn away what you desire.

She comes back to me. Society has not educated the female race when it comes to sex. It appears that a lot of females believe rape has to be gruesome, in the woods or a dark alley, by a random perverted stranger. Your partner can rape you. Yes she comes back because she, herself, doesn’t recognise she is being raped. Every female reading this will now be able to rethink at least one situation where they had sex and did not want to. They could’ve been mad at their boyfriend, following an argument, the last thing she wants is to try and be intimate with the person she dislikes, but her fatigue falls on deaf ears. It’s her boyfriend, she has to give in right? Sex when you do not want it is rape!  

As a man I am nothing to fear. Society has already taught her to fear the opposite gender. A guy bombards her whilst walking in public, he begins following her, pressuring her. Ask her what emotion she is feeling. Women have been made to feel inferior to men throughout. Yes fair enough you are not a stranger, but she is repeatedly told that men are stronger, that men can do things which women cannot. Have you ever thought that it’s possible a woman will not fight a sexual encounter because she is afraid of being gruesomely raped. It happens.

Females need to be taught that they need to be more vocal in regards to speaking about how they feel. There have been stories of women who have been cheated on and complaining of how disgusted they were with the first sexual encounter with their partner, after the revelation. You didn’t want it! Men need to understand that sex can never be something which is owed and you shouldn’t want it to be owed, that is not a compliment.

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