Good People Do Bad Things

An article which may assist in the ceasefire of you beating yourself up

Nobody’s perfect. Just think. Who do you deem to have reached the impossible task of perfection? No, your favourite celebrity personality does not count. Media outlets photo brush images as well as lifestyles, it is not a reliable unit of measurement. As you get older you hear new information about your first childhood heroes, your parents, and you realise that they are also just humans. Capable of making mistakes. Capable of doing wrong. No longer invincible.

Everybody sins. You done something wrong. Like everyone else who inhabits this world has also done. We have to do wrong in order to figure out what is right and that is not to say you are unaware of what you are doing at the time. Remember when you were told not to smoke and yet you tried didn’t you? Remember when your parents told you to make it home by a certain time, but you got brave and came in later didn’t you? And you learned that day didn’t you? To be told that something is wrong does not necessarily mean you understand why it is wrong or you care for why it is wrong. We are set up to fail in order to figure out how to succeed. Sometimes you have to experience something in order to know it.

Who can judge you? If you’re religious than I’m assuming only your God can judge you. If you’re not then only you can judge you. Who else do you fear? The general public? Your social media followers? If that’s the case then they’re living your life for you. Your decisions are determined by what others think. Your life shaped by what others feel looks good. You are never truly free until the point at which you do not care for the perception of you thought up by others. You will not do as you please until you ignore the ad-libs of those around you.

There is no one who is capable of going through life without sins.  We are human.  We find lessons in the mistakes we make.  Wisdom in our guilt.  Perception in our pain.  We have to do bad in order to truly understand the good.  We have to do bad to truly know where our hearts lie.  Good people do bad things.

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