What Kind of Hoe Are You?

​Which of the promiscuity categories do you fit in? 

Sex Addict.  You just enjoy sex.  It’s that simple.  Your high sex drive has a tendency to override your logical thoughts.  You cannot fathom going a long time without sexual relations which potentially could result in you waking up in an unrecognisable bed.  You are the type that needs to be in a relationship to avoid being promiscuous.  Sometimes you can even enter a relationship in which your partner feels you are too demanding in regards to the nookie.

Attention Seeker.  You use sex as a form of seeking attention.  You have convinced yourself that every time someone of the opposite sex desires your genitalia, they desire you.  You spend most of your time trying to get people to lust after you.  It temporarily soothes your insecurities, which is a contradiction to your provocative pictures and captions on your social media.  You don’t even necessarily enjoy the sexual encounters, the pleasure comes from knowing that somebody wanted to have sex with you.  This is sad as it means a lot of the time the sexual encounters are forced and unnatural. The attention seekers tend to not be offered serious relationships.

Looking for love in All the Wrong Places.  You just don’t have luck on your side.  You are a product of your environment and for that reason you just can’t get it right.  Your idea of the perfect partner is distorted and you only figure this out once you have given up the goods.  What you deemed to be serious only ever lasts a short period of time.  You then move on and add another number onto your body count hoping that this is the last, but history repeats itself.  Until you realise that the partners you are seeking are an enemy of progress, the problem will never resolve.

Avoiding Love.  You are the coldest.  What’s love and sex?  The two do not go hand in hand for you.  If you keep it casual you can avoid catching any feelings.  No time for emotions.  You have some internal issues that you are not willing to address.  Avoiding love is inhumane as it is natural.  But you’re not human.  You’re a hoe.  

Trauma.  You have been through a traumatic experience or ordeal in the past which has led to your distorted view of sex.  The suffering you endured has taken the value out of sex.  It is no longer an act of emotion but more so a tool.  Nobody understands due to your secrecy about what you went through, thus you become tarred with the promiscuous brush.  The traumatised hoe is common but unspoken of due to the pride of the victims.  

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