Why He Doesn’t Like Black Girls

​Some of the most common reasons men tell black women that they are undesirable

They’re angry black women.  Oh. Being at the bottom of the human food chain is no reason to harbour anger apparently.  Women still complain of their inferiority and injustices, now add being black, it’s the icing on the cake.  Suffering from an extensive amount of discrimination around the globe.  Worse still, black women around the world are constantly helping to fight everyone else’s causes, especially for black men being that these are their potential fathers, sons and brothers.  It’s a result of conditioning.  The aggression you stereotype black females to possess, is a defence mechanism.  A way to hide their insecurities and vulnerability, as they have already been tarred with generalisations and assumptions.  They are already at a disadvantage so “attitude” is a way of proving to be strong and preventing any more liberties being taken.

They wear weave.  Really? Black women are the only women to rock extensions?  Because the Kardashians don’t love a good lace wig right.  This is an ignorant opinion and can be considered an excuse as every race indulges in cosmetics.  Maybe you need an education, if you dislike hair extensions so much you should be aware of false eyelashes, contouring, lip fillers/lipstick over the lip line, breast implants, fat transfers and bum implants.  Babe that just eliminated over 75% of the girls you are pursuing, further to that they are not all black are they?  Be consistent with your reasoning, don’t cling onto what society deems to be undesirable.  You sound stupid.

Black girls aren’t as freaky.  Inbox me I’ll introduce you to some black girls that will change your mind.  It is believable that black females may behave more reserved so that they are not perceived in a certain way, but this links into the point above, about black women being defensive.  Again another mechanism to prevent people taking liberties.  Freaks can be found in every colour.  What happened to the age old saying “a lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets”?  Is the general consensus not to find a female who is presentable and sophisticated in public and a porn star in the bedroom?  Why then would you want this said female, when in pursuance, to openly be freaky or let you know from the get go.  Should she not be keeping it on the low?

Black females have ugly features.  Why do these features irritate you?  Maybe because society says that these are irritable, whilst praising those who imitate but are of a different race.  It is easy to believe that it is not the features then, but the skin colour that provides the problem.  The idea that the lighter the skin the prettier your babies will be.  The lighter the skin the better the genes.  So avoiding black women is supposed to cancel out the fact that you, yourself, are facially challenged.  It is more controversial if you are a black man proclaiming this as it seems to relate to self hatred.  These are features that you also possess, your children could inherit them regardless of your other half.  What of your mother and sister?  Are they constant reminders of what you find unattractive, would you allow another man to call your mother ugly?

Black women tend to be masculine. Majority of the men who dislike black females will agree, some may be willing to admit that they are intimidated.  If the stereotype is that black males do not father their children, and a lot of the other races avoid black women, then is it not logical to believe that black women will then have to play mother and father.  This is not necessarily the truth but if you want to believe society then surely this should be your thinking process.  Maybe the trait you are mistaking for masculinity is strength.  The idea that black women are cold contradicts the fact that the black woman was told to look after their masters children during slavery.  This depiction arrived once black people had found freedom.  Why would you want a cold being to nurse your children?

Black women don’t like me.  It is thought that black women desire a certain type of male.  The stereotype.  The aggressor who can protect her.  The man who firmly believes in fucking the system.  A theory that was probably drawn up in the observation of young adolescents.  When younger, teens chase street status in order to gain validation from others their age.  More so black teens as their skin colour is not accepted but the stereotyped culture is viewed as cool, leading them to overcompensate.  The teens who did not fit the description were then friend zoned or ignored.  It is then understandable that this way of thinking has then been adopted in adult years.  If always rejected by a certain someone, you will assume that is what they will do until the day they die.  A lot of the men who were ignored by black girls when younger have now opted to stay away from them to avoid being embarrassingly turned away.  Maybe the problem was the type of black girl the guys in question wanted to pursue rather than black girls as a whole.

A lot of the excuses used for avoiding black women seem to stem from the psychological issues which have been passed down generation after generation.  Do not mistake this as a shutdown of men’s preferences.  There is nothing wrong with preferring but to rule out is an extreme.  It shows there is no tolerance for it, it can be easily portrayed as a dislike.  The problem is not with black women but an internal issue with the men who suffer from anti black womanism.  There are far too many excuses listed above which should evoke some disturbing emotions within you all.  Generalising can lead to you not only victimising an innocent but victimising yourself, restricting yourself from the possibilities.  A persons race does not define them in any way shape or form.  To write off a race because “they” all do this or that is an ignorant view and is one that leads to the racism that is still rife now.  Further more there is this idea that if you do not fit the stereotype you are not a good representative of your race, “you’re a bounty/oreo you don’t act black”.

4 thoughts on “Why He Doesn’t Like Black Girls

  1. Anonymous says:

    So… was this article meant to make men like black women? I love black women, but this article looks like it was written by an idiot venting because she’s lonely. Stop telling yourself that you represent black women, just because you write blogs you fool.


    • MsLissaShaneé says:

      So… Was this comment meant to offend me? I love my readers but this comment looks like it was written by a bored and unintelligent man who doesn’t like black women. Stop telling yourself you love black women just because you said so, it’s clear you don’t or you would have never taken offence to the FACT that some men openly admit to not dating them and blame their reasoning on stereotypes *shrugs* thank you for reading it’s much appreciated


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