Guys and Physical Attraction..

A theory which explains how men can be easily fooled by vixens

Men are dreamers when it comes to physical attraction. Have you ever heard a guy having to give his friends advice on females and their deceit via social media, “Fam, if she only takes pics from the neck up then she’s fat.” Or “You better take her swimming or sleep with her in the shower, they are decepticons when it comes to this make up t’ing.” 

Yes women are the best at defrauding men in relation to physical attraction but that’s because that’s all a man focuses on. Men are attracted to the physical, women are more in tune with their emotions when choosing a mate. This does not exclude the women who focus on money and materialism for attraction, but the majority go by what they are feeling. Men, the majority, will see an image of a thigh and dream up the rest of the body, assumptions about how curvy this model is, even imagine a face, with no other clue but this thigh. Dreamers. They will see a fluffy female in tight clothing and imagine her body stands as firm and tight naked, as when the clothes are holding everything in. Dreamers. They will observe a picture which is shot from the neck up, and imagine their favourite vixens body attached. Dreamers. Women have tapped into this shallow ideal that is all, they pretend to be what you envision.  This includes taking a hundred photos to find the one worthy of being the catfish display pic, perfect lighting and all.

The idea of a beautiful woman being with an unattractive man is more common then a handsome man being with an unattractive woman. Women have accepted that they allocate certain guys to the friend zone but that is not the end all and be all. Men seem to have it in their head that they cannot escape the friend zone district, but if you can openly label women as emotional why would that not deem that they can be emotionally appealed to. A lot of times a woman will end up with a guy she originally friend zoned as her barriers are down, she feels safe once she feels like she is in control of the situation, so she no longer needs to be rigid. The man who’s shoulder she cries on could eventually become her man. This doesn’t work when the roles are reversed.

Men have no shame in admitting that they’re driven by the physical. A woman has to be physically attractive in order to appeal to a male. So the woman who doesn’t necessarily fit into society’s standards of beauty, will forever be overlooked, unless the male has broadened his outlook on what to look for in a woman. A lot of men seek a trophy, a chance to infiltrate a female who a lot of other men desire. If women have grasped this, why would they not feel that they have to conform and purchase a waist trainer, or schedule a make up lesson at Mac. It is easier for insecure women to fall into this trap as they fear what men think of them, as they are not happy within themselves.

The confusion is applied when men want to differentiate and categorise these very women they entertain. “I don’t respect her I just want to fuck.” “I want to hit it because everyone else wants to, look how much followers she has.” Trying to separate the sexual mission from that of a wifey search. This confusion is what leads females looking for love, to bark up the wrong tree. Pictures with their half naked bottom in the air is believed to attract a potential hubby. Why not when these are the women we see receiving the most attention everyday? Being posted on your crushes timeline as their #WCW. Belief that men need not see your talents as they do not care, as long as their friends big them up.

So why can women not defraud the system when it is flawed anyways? Before an over zealous male jumps up to defend his race, women have their own flawed system, like that of the gold digger, defraud them too if it makes you feel better. It is difficult to tell someone who likes you that you only like ‘these specs’ and expect them to not try and mould to fit them. You like big bums, she likes surgeons. You like a symmetrical face, she likes highlighting and countouring. You like small waists, she likes abusing herself with corsets. What’s the problem? The deceit? Further to the point of her just being for a pleasurable night, are you not deceiving her with the thirsty comments you leave. “Your ex messed up,” or “I would wife you and treat you right.”


The deceit goes both ways, deceit attracts deceit.

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