Men Just Want To Be Loved

Males love to deny feeling any emotions whilst secretly desiring soppy, intense, clingy love.

Men are emotional. Very emotional. An inability to attach emotions to sex cannot be compared to being emotionless. Sex as an act is controversial. The sexual energy and climax can overwhelm emotions as well as enhance them. Rule out sexual intimacy. It is instilled in the male race, that they do not harbour emotions as it is considered a feminine trait. To be emotional is to emasculate a man. An exposure of vulnerability and weakness a King is not allowed to show. Not allowed to show. To hide something does not mean it no longer exists. It’s like the age old question “If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” Yes, a sound is existent whether it is heard or not. Emotions are existent whether they are seen or not. Men nag, bitch, cry, experience jealousy, insecurity and moan. This is life. If he does not have emotions he is not a human. Let that beast go.

He just wants to feel like the only man in the world. As much as women love to feel like the only woman in the world a man has eyes for, so do men. Like the only man you are entertaining, the only man you are speaking to, the only man you are willing to sacrifice everything for. It explains why a lot of men seek females who are highly sought after, the idea of managing to obtain the woman everyone desires. Getting her to curve her many groupies in respect of her partner. To be chosen out of the masses is surely an achievement which strokes the ego. Regardless of gender, everyone wants to feel special. For the men in denial, remember when you slept with that girl who you have no intentions of being with, but you still laid emphasis on her not being able to sleep with anyone else, or asked for her to confirm your prevalent sexual skills in the bedroom. All actions that will prove to you that you are special at that moment in time.

Men love love. Men can somewhat be in love with love so much that they lose sight of the partner involved. Men will not love a woman specifically, but keep her around because he loves that she loves him. Also relates to the theory of men being attracted to ‘crazy’ women, these are the women that are deemed to love you so passionately, that it makes them behave irrationally. What else symbolises love like a bit of insanity. Or what about the velocity at which a man is ready to brand a woman a hoe if he sees that she feels no emotion towards him after having sex. As though her not falling in love with him is unnatural, an ancient ideology. So love is expected. Men expect to be loved by women, it is a natural life goal (obviously does not apply to those of a different sexual orientation). 

 Why not seek love from the very race that gave birth to you? One of the first to show you what love is. Love has the power of making a wasteman feel like the man.  Stop living in denial guys.

2 thoughts on “Men Just Want To Be Loved

    • MsLissaShaneé says:

      Thank you for being so honest and I definitely think it’s a question of maturity and self worth. Only society’s ideals deem it feminine, women want to see that their man appreciates and reciprocates her love.. Thank you so much for following and reading x

      Liked by 1 person

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