F*ck Spice, Legalise Weed

This article follows an eruption of moving and still images depicting the high a new strain of spice is giving.

Yesterday introduced some disturbing imagery, from Manchester and other cities. The banter surrounding the side effects of the new strain of spice, was that those who had abused the drug, which was legally publicly sold up until last May, were turned into zombies. Those that had smoked it seemed to have been taken into a twilight zone, whereby a virus was spreading across the world, and turning people into the walking dead. Sounds like a movie right? After seeing the photos and videos I was put off ever trying spice. That’s a lie, I’ve heard stories previous to this “new strain” being introduced and made a decision that just because it was legal, does not mean it is ok. Am I in jail to be needing to deal with substitute, rebore, herbs?

‘[Spice] has the physically addictive qualities of heroin and the psychologically addictive qualities of crack,’ says Robert Ralphs, senior lecturer in criminology at the University of Manchester and an expert on the drug.

When has weed ever put you into a comatose? No, pulling a whitey does not count (a term used to describe an undesirable reaction to smoking cannabis common amongst lightweights and first-time tokers. Symptoms include dizzyness, clammy skin, nausea and vomiting.  It gets its name from the paleness of the sufferer as the blood drains out the capillaries under the skin due to a decrease in blood pressure.) 

When have you ever woken up from a cannabis high, slumped in someone’s doorway?

I think the biggest aspect that needs to be looked at is the willingness of the government, to sell man made synthetic drugs over natural herbs. Is this not proof that the drug ranking system is a farce? You would expect it to be in place to enforce safety. You would believe the drug class system is labelled in regards to how dangerous each plant is. Weed was accelerated into the B classification rather than the original, lower ranking of C. This makes no sense. It is now alongside ketamine, codeine and, their newest member, synthetic cannabinoids. Really?

I won’t even touch on the fact that the government like to introduce the public to drugs. I won’t even touch on the fact that this world is full of so much damage that everybody, EVERYBODY, requires a vice to escape reality. I personally use several; Netflix, fitness, marijuana, reading, etc. If the system weren’t set this way we wouldn’t need these vices to escape the matrix.

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