Am I Shallow? ♂

I would like to start this post a lil different from the average writer. I feel as though most people will try to point out, defend or justify their shallowness. I will avoid the latter and jump straight into that nitty gritty shit. What you really wanna hear. So I will simply, write about what attracts me to women and what doesn’t. Then while carefully analyzing my thought’s we will find out if I am a shallow guy. 

It’s easier to talk about negative things than positive so let’s get straight into that. What don’t PYK like about some women. Ok so if I think of what I admire first on a woman. I’m checking for bum and teeth. Yes I said it I look at teeth before breast 👀. (Anyone who is my real boy will tell you. If you ain’t got nice teeth you don’t stand a chance wit PYK) I am a self professed bum man. I like em plump, round, thick, full, juicy  and Georgia peaches made. So if a girl has an iron board for a batty it’s a PROBLEM. She would now need to make up for her deficiency in ass in other areas like a beautiful smile and captivating eyes. (Rah reading this back I noticed I didn’t even say she could make it up with her warm personality. I’ve written a paragraph and it’s looking a bit peak already.) Then once I look at her lips and she opens her mouth to compliment my locs (just playing, I couldn’t help myself). I want to know if her grill is on point cause I can’t be lipsin a girl with a mouth like she an extra on jaws. Or even worse the girls with the yellow brick roads for teeth. God forbid bad ting! Then My eyes begin to roam to access the woman’s facial structures and features. Will her lips tempt me into doing whatever she is on. Can she stare into my soul and see the REAL man and not the persona on road. Within 30 secs I have casted opinions solely based off the physical. Checking whether the bum is wide enough, if the lips are full enough and if she visits her local dentist. If you ask me I sound pretty shallow right now.

So what does shallow actually mean? “Of little depth or not exhibiting, requiring or capable of serious thought.” Hmmmmm I don’t know about you but I put serious thought into whether I was feeling the backside, teeth or smile. So have we been misappropriating the word shallow with what is actually taking place when I meet women. I am calculated, DEAD serious and precise with the way I line up my pros and cons. There is a lot of depth behind knowing whether you are physically attracted to someone and willing to wake up next to them for the rest of your life. I guess you have to start taking into consideration what your intentions are when you first meet a woman. I know I have the tendency to find little quirky and weird things attractive once I get engulfed by your bomb ass personality. So on our initial meet I need to make sure I am attracted to the person presented in front of me and not some illusionary fantasy I have conjured up in my mind. 

If we are realistic everything in life must be balanced. So I believe it is stupid to sit here and say you solely base your partner off their personality. Just like the argument stands that looks don’t last forever neither does a personality. Unless the person is a complacent being with no desires and ambitions to grow and be a better person than they were the day before. In a lot of situations people become someone different from who you first met or you never met the real person initially. So maybe being unattractive at that point helps cause the minute you start displaying undesirable traits it’s easier to drop you instead of saying “I can’t stand her but that ass though”. 

So am I shallow. I can boldly say NO i’m not. When i go looking for a car I take my time to pick what I like and want carefully. If I was buying a house I would take the time and care to make sure I built my dream home and not something I won’t like in five years. Shit, if I was picking up a dog I’m grabbing a blue pitt over the white one. So is it so crazy and wrong for me to look at a woman and base part of my decision on whether i date her from her appearance. Remember marriage is a business, don’t be fooled by fairy tales and labels. You sign a contract on your way in and if you ever want to opt out you will need to sign another paper saying you’re done. It’s serious shit so I must vet and take my business partner, I mean partner seriously.  

Another reason why being shallow (if that’s what we still want to call it after this is) doesn’t matter is because like every human being on the planet we all date and sex people that don’t exactly look like the ideal person we summon when asked of “your type”. A lot of us date people who are not our “types” and we try to mold them up into something they are not or compromise and try and force like things about them. 

There is nothing wrong with liking a woman with certain physical attributes. It’s when relying on that solely to justify your attraction or relationship is when it is of little depth and not exhibiting serious thought.

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