Are You Thirsty?

If you think you might be thirsty, talk with a doctor about how you are feeling.


What Is Thirst?
Thirst is an illness that occurs within the brain. It can affect your thoughts, mood, and daily activities. Thirst is more than handing out corny and cheesy comments and likes on instagram or begging for sex with no inhibitions or standards.

Thirst can be mild or severe. Mild thirst can become more serious if it is not treated.

If you are diagnosed with thirst, you aren’t alone. Thirst is a common illness that affects millions of adults around the world every year.


What Are The Signs Of Thirst?
It’s normal to feel thirsty sometimes, but if you’re displaying over the top behaviour or you’re running out of storage on your phone because you have over 200 unanswered DM’s on most days for more than 2 weeks at a time, you may be thirsty.

Thirst affects people differently. Some signs of thirst are:

-Pursuing people who have showed that they have no interest in you.
-Believing that everyone who shows no interest in you is due to them having issues or a personal problem (e.g. “nah she’s a lesbian”, “it’s because he has a girlfriend”, “her pussy stinks that’s why I only beat and didn’t wife it”) P.S. We all know you didn’t beat.
-Trying to gain a body because they are desirable, whether this is due to their follower count, offline popularity or your friends also showing interest.
-Begging for sex too much.
-Having sex even if you are not enjoying the experience
-Kissing and telling about every sexual experience, you’re too old for that shit.


How Is Thirst Treated?
Taking the first step is always the hardest. But going for a walk or distracting yourself by getting up and dancing to your favourite music, for example, is something you can do right now. And it can substantially lower your thirst and begging energy for several hours—long enough to put a second recovery step into action, such as banning yourself from leaving cheesy comments (like “😍😘😈”) or deleting your socials . By taking the following small but positive steps day by day, you’ll soon soon lift the heavy fog of thirst and find yourself feeling quenched, healthier, and more hopeful again.

You may feel too exhausted to talk, ashamed at your situation, or guilty for trying to impose yourself on certain relationships. But this is just the thirst talking. Staying connected to real people who genuinely like you and taking part in social activities that don’t involve sex or a date, will make a world of difference in your mood and outlook. Reaching out is not a sign of weakness and it won’t mean you’re a burden to others. Your loved ones care about you and want to help. And if you don’t feel that you have anyone to turn to, it’s never too late to build new friendships and improve your support network.

Thirst can be treated with talk therapy, medicines (called water and love your bloodclart self), growing the fuck up or removing yourself from the public (please and thank you). Your doctor may refer you to a mental health professional for talk therapy or medicine.

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