Why women do not believe that women can choose to be single

An understanding as to why women condemn other women to be liars if they choose to be single.

It has become apparent of recent that a lot of women struggle to get to grips with the idea of a woman being single. Single being a reference to someone who does not want to commit, regardless of whether they are dating or having sex. It seems harsh to tell a woman that her beliefs or feelings are a lie, so why do it?

1. Men are from Mars, women are from Venus. This is the age old belief that both genders are seeking different factors from their experience on this plane. Men are believed to desire material belongings which are symbolic of their success. They crave flashy cars, a wealth building career, big watches and designer everything. Possessing these things strokes the ego and male insecurities that society has bestowed upon them. Women are presumed to desire a family which is symbolic of their success. A partner who is committed forever and will aid in creating 2.4 children. If this is the most common theory placed upon the genders then it makes sense when women come across other women who do not feel the same as they do or other women that they have been around. How can a woman want the same things a man does?

2. Narrow minded ideals. In this modern day it seems as though the masses struggle to understand those who are different. If you speak to a professional within the psychology field they will explain to you that a person who believes in something which differs from what the masses believe can be deemed psychotic. Conspiracy theorists can be deemed psychotic. Notice that those who follow non-mainstream religions are automatically in a cult and looked down upon as though they are mentally unstable. If you see a person walking down the street naked then you assume they are psychotic as it is not “normal”. Their psychosis state has altered their attachment with reality. So if a woman wants something which the masses do not want then she is psychotic surely? Her opinion is no longer credible.

3. They’ve never lived it. Some women may find it difficult to see beyond their own experiences. If they have never found themselves wanting to be single then it is not fathomable. They cannot reason. No matter the reason.

4. Why better yourself when you can blame your ex for your past relationship wrongs and just jump onto the next guy? You know the saying, “to get over someone you need to get under someone.” Some women live by it. Each to their own but it can prove to be a dangerous game as it does not allow room for that woman to heal and grow. By all means have fun, your bedroom is yours to do with it what you will, but if you seek a relationship straight away then you have not taken a moment to understand your faults and what you can do to avoid a repeat of the last relationship. I’m not saying that your exes aren’t all assholes, I’m saying you may also be an asshole and until you address it you will never have a happy ending. Just an endless portfolio of assholes under your belt. Nobody’s perfect, nobody, and unfortunately that prestige act will only carry you so far. This may cause a break down in understanding when coming across a female who wants to work on herself and improve before finding a man, especially when she understands that she can demand better standards when she is of better standards herself.

5. Women love the damsel in distress story trope. Because every woman is a victim when it comes to matters of the opposite sex right? I mean, if you’re dating a guy and you’re still single it’s because he refuses to lock you down. He doesn’t want to commit to you and just wants to use you for whatever benefits you provide. This is the only reason because you, as a woman, want to be tied down, you have a vagina so we know you’re dying for commitment. Oh, you’re not dating anyone? Then it’s because you can’t get or keep a man. Don’t worry sis, you are always the victim, apparently. A common misconception is that a woman has to be the victim. For other women it’s hard for them to believe that a woman is taking charge. What is really funny, in regards to this belief, is that women have no idea that they are in control and take the lead when it comes to men. Ever heard of pussy power, it is a real thing. How many of the same women, that tar themselves as victims, urged and pushed their man into putting a ring on it? At that point who was in control?

As women, we are quick to destroy men when they pass judgement on women but it seems as though we are their teachers. We are the first to judge women on how they feel or behave, even without personally knowing them. We don’t know their journey or complexes which brought them to their current state of mind, so how at this point can we determine their truth? This behaviour somewhat forces women to feel shunned and adhere to societies ideals to fit in. No-one wants to feel like the black sheep.

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