Sell Your Soul

"Will you sell me your soul?" A hint of mirth gradually appeared on his face. His eyes moist with excitement. “You see, what they failed to teach you is that everyone loses their soul on this plane. From the day you were born the process begun. As a baby you knew who you were, you … Continue reading Sell Your Soul

How Disney F*cked Females Over

Disney (original era, old school) will never be the same again There is no Prince Charming.  If you are waiting for him to come valiantly aboard a horse, in shining armour, then you have just smoked crack. Ok, of course you're not waiting for a medieval heir to the throne to come and rescue you. … Continue reading How Disney F*cked Females Over


Her face set like stone. Stern. No emotion. Her heart out of rhythm. Beneath the skin her blood, in a panicked flush, rushed to escape the flesh threshold. She couldn't expose her being unnerved. Had to pretend as though what she had just heard was of no interest to her. Although she had mastered the … Continue reading Lies..