If you would sleep with your friend, are they really your friend?

This article was highly anticipated due to the blurred lines which occur within friendships. Friendships in which intimacy is contemplated or acted upon. It is a general consensus that sex complicates a lot of things and it seems that a lot of people believe friendship to be a victim of this. So can you fuck and be friends?


Why women do not believe that women can choose to be single

An understanding as to why women condemn other women to be liars if they choose to be single.  It has become apparent of recent that a lot of women struggle to get to grips with the idea of a woman being single. Single being a reference to someone who does not want to commit, … Continue reading Why women do not believe that women can choose to be single


Have you ever met someone who gives you freedom? Freedom to be yourself in your entirety Freedom to escape previous restrictions and convictions  Freedom to stop listening to the distorted noise surrounding Freedom to explore your own mind Freedom to truly love yourself as a working progress Freedom to understand why you are who you … Continue reading Freedom