Have you ever met someone who gives you freedom? Freedom to be yourself in your entirety Freedom to escape previous restrictions and convictions  Freedom to stop listening to the distorted noise surrounding Freedom to explore your own mind Freedom to truly love yourself as a working progress Freedom to understand why you are who you … Continue reading Freedom

The universe is causing suffering for me to learn a lesson I'm at an all time low preparing for a steep incline Every pit of depression hosting a map to happiness A fluorescent path of enlightenment Pushing through the pain in each set In each rep Proud as I know the hurt is necessary to … Continue reading


The ability to wait I’ve struggled with patience Ageing without knowledge of what the future holds Praying to the spirits that it will resemble my dreams Watching my watch, watch time Anticipating the long hands movement forward Asking that it slows down Asking that time be patient Asking that time run alongside my life rather … Continue reading Patience

You’re a Champion

You've already won Stop beating yourself up Your vision is something to rival reality You have a dream Lubricate your belief And enter your freedom with ease Without a dream We can never wake up And have faith and hope for something more Something of desire All that you have yearned for The passion to … Continue reading You’re a Champion


12:40 am and my eyes are fighting Eyelids are refused closing My frustration caused by the past Who has now become present Tormenting my attachment to the future Just as I clear my mind It is sucked into a vortex of unanswered questions Seeking closure all over again Confusion settles comfortably in its old seat … Continue reading 12:40am