Do Broken Men Exist – Guest Blogger – DJ PYK

Ok so if I'm keeping it a bean, 1 hunnid or real then I should already know the answer to the question. Cause sheeeeet I'm broken, damaged and fragile goods right about now. However, I'm a man and men don't break so I'm calm init. I’m gucci, good, or whatever other idiom I can use to pretend that I’m a whole and sound man capable of loving a woman without any judgements, expectations and or prejudice.

F*ck Spice, Legalise Weed

This article follows an eruption of moving and still images depicting the high a new strain of spice is giving. Yesterday introduced some disturbing imagery, from Manchester and other cities. The banter surrounding the side effects of the new strain of spice, was that those who had abused the drug, which was legally publicly sold … Continue reading F*ck Spice, Legalise Weed