Am I Shallow? ♀

No one wants to admit they are shallow. That they possibly like to occasionally judge a book by its cover. No. No I'm not. Wait. Actually...   Out of all my friends I probably rack up the most laughs in terms of being with a suitor, who doesn't look like the right fit for me. … Continue reading Am I Shallow? ♀

Do Broken Men Exist – Guest Blogger – DJ PYK

Ok so if I'm keeping it a bean, 1 hunnid or real then I should already know the answer to the question. Cause sheeeeet I'm broken, damaged and fragile goods right about now. However, I'm a man and men don't break so I'm calm init. I’m gucci, good, or whatever other idiom I can use to pretend that I’m a whole and sound man capable of loving a woman without any judgements, expectations and or prejudice.