But Your Best Friend Is a Rapist..

​DVS has sent shockwaves throughout the UK music scene with news of horrific torture and the rape of a 17 year old but do you know someone capable of the same? 1. Tell tale signs.  A lot of males have been told about their friends.  Women pick up on a man’s behaviour especially if it’s … Continue reading But Your Best Friend Is a Rapist..

This Thing We Call Love..

This thing we call love. It mirrors our virginities. We speak of how sacred it is, warn of the dangers you can encounter in relation to it. Preach of the importance.   The virgins then fascinate on it. Wonder why everyone has experienced what they are telling you to take your time to endure. Wonder … Continue reading This Thing We Call Love..


I once said love doesn't exist, the heart is a muscle it cannot produce emotion. I was questioned about the statement I'd made as it seemed naive to others especially as I am in a relationship and it made me think long and hard. In all honesty if you asked me whether I'm in love … Continue reading Love