Facing Your Flaws

Big nose Odd hairline (widows peak) Wide forehead Non symmetrical jaw Deep voice Love handles Scarring Bent finger Harsh with the tongue Doesn't think before speech I began writing this as I was convinced that I embrace my flaws.  As I began writing the list I had more to add than I thought and yet … Continue reading Facing Your Flaws

I’m pretty for a black girl

I'm pretty for a black girl I'm pretty for a black girl!? Are all black girls generally unattractive? Am I only pretty because I am a black girl? If my skin were another tone would I be unpretty? Am I getting away with my black features? Am I not a pretty girl? Must I be … Continue reading I’m pretty for a black girl

Am I sexy?

I've decided to write about the term which I believe is loosely used and what it means. I want to discuss whether the word "sexy" should be considered as a compliment. The idea for this post came about when one my followers, @CrizzyCraze, questioned whether there is a difference between, when a female calls a … Continue reading Am I sexy?