Are You Thirsty?

If you think you might be thirsty, talk with a doctor about how you are feeling. What Is Thirst? Thirst is an illness that occurs within the brain. It can affect your thoughts, mood, and daily activities. Thirst is more than handing out corny and cheesy comments and likes on instagram or begging for sex … Continue reading Are You Thirsty?

How To Know That You Are An Undateable

Spoiler alert; You’re a shit date. 1. You don’t like to socialise.  You are a self proclaimed recluse.  You like your own space and privacy.  As you’ve aged you’ve realised that anyone that you care for can hurt you, so you’ve nipped the vulnerability in the bud by sticking between your four walls.  You’ve been … Continue reading How To Know That You Are An Undateable