Are You A Cheater

Just because you like to be charitable with your private parts does not make you a cheater Well, what is a cheater? Someone who is unfaithful, someone who is guilty of infidelity, etc? Personally I think these descriptions are wrong. A cheater is a liar, simply put. Yes I simplified it as I believe that … Continue reading Are You A Cheater

Good Girl

Whenever initiating a conversation, with a guy, about what he desires in a girlfriend I always seem to hear the same kind of preferences. He wants her to be natural looking, be that natural hair or no make up, maybe this consists of both. A homely girl, a woman who doesn't seek enjoyment in socialising, … Continue reading Good Girl

Celeb Cheaters

I am still baffled as to why people are shocked about the latest Rooney fiasco. Is this the first time he has cheated on Coleen? No.  Is  Coleen the first WAG to be cheated on? NO.  People are even more confused at the concept of Coleen accepting her husbands infidelity and staying by his side.  Have … Continue reading Celeb Cheaters