Women Nag, Men F*ck

As of recent an ex has helped me to analyse and understand why we encountered problems.  Further to that we realised that we would never work as a couple. First we broke down our traits.  I have an inability to communicate my emotions.  I think this throws guys off.  My ex made it clear that … Continue reading Women Nag, Men F*ck

How Many Sexual Partners Have You Had?!?

This little article tickled me. I had to write about it, I just had to. There are so many things that are wrong with the situation it's unbelievable. I think the most obvious is that this female has become accustomed to lying about the amount of men she has slept with. The problem is it … Continue reading How Many Sexual Partners Have You Had?!?

Can men be single?

This post is my take on the male species and their attitudes towards being without a partner.  When initially asking myself the question ‘can men be single?’ I immediately thought ‘duh’, it is generally thought that women are the ones who seek love and company; men are able to dart around without feeling the need … Continue reading Can men be single?