How to Fix a Man

I spoke with my cousin the other day and as per usual he got me thinking. He asked me "what is your take on broken men and how are you, as a woman, going to play your part to fix them?" If you've bared witness to our convos this is the kind of thought processing … Continue reading How to Fix a Man

Platonic not Pum Pum Tonic

Not every man you see me converse with is a potential suitor. Not every time I banter with a man am I flirting. I cannot stand females who do not understand how to maintain a friendship with a male and there are so many. I've had problems due to a female thinking we are in … Continue reading Platonic not Pum Pum Tonic

Good Girl

Whenever initiating a conversation, with a guy, about what he desires in a girlfriend I always seem to hear the same kind of preferences. He wants her to be natural looking, be that natural hair or no make up, maybe this consists of both. A homely girl, a woman who doesn't seek enjoyment in socialising, … Continue reading Good Girl


I'm a person who is forever seeking my own interpretation and sense of freedom. Singledom has just begun my journey in that direction, having to only answer to myself, acting on impulse without worrying about anyone else and how they feel and focusing on numero uno. I couldn't imagine being trapped for a lifetime. Do … Continue reading Entrapment