Are You A Cheater

Just because you like to be charitable with your private parts does not make you a cheater Well, what is a cheater? Someone who is unfaithful, someone who is guilty of infidelity, etc? Personally I think these descriptions are wrong. A cheater is a liar, simply put. Yes I simplified it as I believe that … Continue reading Are You A Cheater

Bitch Dependency

Dependants I recently saw a meme which mocked women who claim they have a man yet are financially supporting him, lending him her car, feeding him, clothing him, etc. and refers to the fact that if you are doing all of these things you do not have a man, you have a child. A dependant. … Continue reading Bitch Dependency

Cher Lloyd!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I’m sorry, I just cannot contain myself after reading a recent review of Cher Lloyd conquering America by Heat magazine. According to Heat magazine, The X Factor star has been heavily criticised in America for the way she looks, with some sources claiming that she is "trashy" and "low-rent." Now I’d be a liar … Continue reading Cher Lloyd!