7 Lies Men Tell To Get Into Your Pants

♀ Females take notes, they only get away with this when you let them.. ♂ Mandem, if you know, you know.. I Love You.   ♀ MsLissaShanee - This is number one on the list.  This lie is considered to be one of the worst as it toys with the sexual partner’s emotions.  Any man that has used … Continue reading 7 Lies Men Tell To Get Into Your Pants


Her face set like stone. Stern. No emotion. Her heart out of rhythm. Beneath the skin her blood, in a panicked flush, rushed to escape the flesh threshold. She couldn't expose her being unnerved. Had to pretend as though what she had just heard was of no interest to her. Although she had mastered the … Continue reading Lies..


I'm a person who is forever seeking my own interpretation and sense of freedom. Singledom has just begun my journey in that direction, having to only answer to myself, acting on impulse without worrying about anyone else and how they feel and focusing on numero uno. I couldn't imagine being trapped for a lifetime. Do … Continue reading Entrapment