Let’s Die Together 

I don't want someone who has already lived their life.   I need to live it with them.   Share our bucket lists.   That's love.   Jump off cliffs together.   Fly on private jets together.   Eat unknown tropical foods together.   Stare death in the face together.   Run naked through a … Continue reading Let’s Die Together 


I lost another one of my grandparents on Father's Day.  I was woken up out of my sleep with the news. I repeated over and over again "No Mum."  I don't do well with grief, I don't know how to handle bereavement, I don't know how to express my pain.  So I've written a poem … Continue reading Grandad

I smile

Sitting here with tears streaming Been in the same spot for so long I'm drowning Suffocating for a lease of life Crying until I've forgotten what I was crying for Continuously feeling a lack of control Seeking temporary fulfilment  Then I'm back In the dark Wondering if everything I've believed in so far was only … Continue reading I smile


I'm a person who is forever seeking my own interpretation and sense of freedom. Singledom has just begun my journey in that direction, having to only answer to myself, acting on impulse without worrying about anyone else and how they feel and focusing on numero uno. I couldn't imagine being trapped for a lifetime. Do … Continue reading Entrapment